by pennyhal2 26 Jun 2022

I saw "sebsews" post and thought it'd be nice to share how long we've known our best friend. They say that the friends you make in high school are the ones who stick with you through life...sort of like husbands!

I've known my best friend for 62 years. (I'm 76 now) We met in high school.

How long have you known your best friend?


by zoefzoef 27 Jun 2022

Hi,.. what a nice question.. I think this brings a smile on faces on many people.. since we are talking about our best friend no..

Well I have met my dearest friend when I was 18 years during my trip to India. Of course there's a lot of distance between us (India=> Belgium) and we had a time that we had no contact. (no special reason) But she has remained always in my heart and mind. And God brought is back together since a few years.. and it felt great..

I wish for everybody to have a best friend in their life because that's how life gets bearable.

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Jun 2022

Since I left the country I was born in, it was difficult to keep in touch with my school mates. However one of my customers became a very good friend. We have been friends for about 35 years and now she is visiting often. She is responsible for getting into me into embroidery.

by 02kar Moderator 26 Jun 2022

What a fun question! I reconnected with a high school friend after 40 years apart. And then Cute gave me my special sister/friend, Suzanne. We don't share genes but, but she is the one I never hesitate to run to when I want to share something good, or I need someone to share the bad news with. I hope many more share their stories.

by graceandham 26 Jun 2022

I've known mine since 2nd grade Brownie Scouts.

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graceandham by graceandham 26 Jun 2022

My other "lifetime" friend, who died at 52, was my friend since we were nubby-kneed kindergarteners at Mrs. MacIntoshes' Laddies and Lassies (private) Kindergarten. Our two teachers were Mrs. Mac and Mrs. Love (really).