by sewmadau 23 Jun 2022

I am going to have a vent hoping I am in the right place to do so. It is sewing related.

Recently I ordered a couple of sets from a site, ( I will not name the site because it would be very unfair of me as the site cannot reply) I have been collecting this set for over twelve months, was so thrilled to see that there was a new one. When I went to put into my file I discovered I already had one of the sets. Straight away I wrote to the site with my old PayPal receipt plus the new one explained what had happened. Asked if I could return the copy set and if they could replace it with another one. May be I am naive in thinking they would be happy to replace the set. I have been a very good customer for many years and spent quite a lot of money with them. That was over two weeks ago and to date I have never received a reply. I am so very disappointed as I thought I had a good relationship with the site, goes to show how wrong I am. I thought of going to PayPal and seek their help, but after having a chat to my husband I just unsub with the site. It is not the money but the principal, and I would have thought for good customer relations they could have at least replied with a yes or no. Well it is their loss not mine.

A lesson learned, even at my age, which by the way is 21+ LOL


by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Jun 2022

Paypal would probably not be able to help, since you ordered it and the mistake was on your site. One would think that as a company you would want to keep your customers. I love the ones that let you know right away that you already have purchased it. It has saved me many times from ordering the same. I hope you will still here from them. BTW if it was a electronic file how did you plan on returning it?

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sewmadau by sewmadau 24 Jun 2022

i know it was my error and do you know I never thought about how I would return the set. Goes to show I am not that clever on the good old computer and the internet. Never mind I at least thought the right thing, even if I could not return them. LOL Live and learn and of course check your files.

by 02kar Moderator 23 Jun 2022

I agree, it is disappointing when you try to make a contact with a website and get no reply. And since e all have probably rebought a design, 2 or 10, we all understand the disappointment in ourselves on top of it all.

by asterixsew Moderator 23 Jun 2022

I seem to remember another person wrote something very similar but she asked could she gift the design? The site involved agreed to this and they then sent the design on to to the lucky recipient. I too have rebought designs and as its not been much, I mutter at myself for being daft and usually dont buy from that company again.

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 23 Jun 2022

I have done that, but the site let me forward it to a friend as a gift.

by rescuer Moderator 23 Jun 2022

It is always a shock to discover a relationship isn't what you thought. I am sorry not all websites care about their customers. Many learn the hard way when they run out of paying customers.
Good to know you are over 21 lol

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