by pennyhal2 20 Jun 2022

I have been MIA off and on due to my husband's declining health. He's 93 now and can barely get up off his chair. He gets around slowly using his walker. A daily home nurse comes to bandage his wounds on his legs from cellulitis. Seems like every time I turn around, I need to do something else. Today, I'm trying to arrange for "day care" so I can leave him alone. We've been married 49 years and I know that many of you have gone through the end of life issues with our loved ones too. It is an unfortunate part of life.


by mops Moderator 22 Jun 2022

This time of life is not easy. It hurts to witness the decline of your loved ones. I hope you get day care so you get some me-time. Take good care of yourself!

by pennyhal2 21 Jun 2022

Thanks for being there for me! It really means a lot!

by 02kar Moderator 21 Jun 2022

Please know that you are not alone during this very difficult chapter. We are always here with an ear, a shoulder and a cyber hug. how we wish we could give you real hugs. I hope you take advantage of the time the nurse is with him, and you are soon able to find some respite care. Your health is important too.

by sebsews 20 Jun 2022

Dear sweet Penny, my thoughts and prayers are for you and your husband. I hope day care will bring a relief to you. Please take care of yourself too. Michigan hugs to you, Suzanna

by dragonflyer 20 Jun 2022

So sad that his health is declining...I hope you find the resources that you need for is a very difficult time and situation...I hope you can take some time to take care of yourself.

by maleah 20 Jun 2022

Prayers for your hubby and especially you. Take care.

by toogie 20 Jun 2022

This is not an easy chapter in one's book of life, so my thoughts and prayers are with you both. You do need some time away, even if it's just to run errands, but you also need to feel at peace knowing you can leave him in good care while you are gone. I hope you can find a good sitter for him, so maybe you can 'just breathe'. X & O-Toogie

by dailylaundry 20 Jun 2022

Prayers for you Penny. Try and find something each day that will put a smile on your face. I hope you find the "day care" resource you so need! You are on my prayer list! Bunches of hugs, Laura

by rescuer Moderator 20 Jun 2022

Oh, to be young again. I pray you'll find comfort in memories of good times and for his comfort as well. It is a hard part of life. Sending love and hugs!

by pennifold 20 Jun 2022

I'm so sorry to read of your husband's declining health Penny. As you said it's a part of life, so just know that we are all with you as you face the future. Keep safe and look after yourself too. Love Chris