by 02kar Moderator 09 Jun 2022

I thought I would let you good folks know my hubby and I and our travel trailer made it home yesterday afternoon. It feels so good to be home again. We had lots of interesting experiences and met a lot of people along the way. One of the interesting things was the number of truckers. We saw thousands of trucks on our 4,000 mile journey. So many of them were kind and made space for us to pull over into a lane when we needed to be there. Please pray for these men and women working hard to supply our countries during these difficult times. We had a lot of conversations with people who are concerned about making ends meet with the high food prices and gas prices. And yet people were kind, caring and peaceful during our entire journey.

I am happy to be home and looking forward to catching up with cleaning and laundry. And very much looking forward to doing some stitching. And hope we can get some repairs done to our overworked travel trailer. It worked hard keeping us dry, cool and comfortable. And our truck I am sure is happy to be resting after this journey.


by airyfairy 10 Jun 2022

So happy you had good travels and that you are safely back.

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02kar by 02kar 11 Jun 2022

It's good to be back home. I hope you will be able to visit your children and grandchildren again soon.

by dollygk 10 Jun 2022

Hi Karen, you are so lucky to be able to trave the USA..... I want so much to take a train when traveling but it takes so long and costs just as much as a plane... boo hoo ENJOY those trips dear!

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02kar by 02kar 10 Jun 2022

We were able to see family we haven't seen in almost 3 years and to celebrate with good friends who were retiring. It was a very tiring trip for me. I still have not fully recovered from being sick 16 months ago. It was a bittersweet trip for me because it is unlikely, we will be able to take such a long trip again. I do hope you will be able to enjoy traveling by train soon.

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Jun 2022

Returning home after being away is always great but the washing isnt. The cost of living is shooting up everywhere and for some its frightening. Fuel is rocketing in price and that also is affecting food prices too. Regularly my local supermarket is worryingly lacking in some foods. My comment to friends is its like the vultures have been through

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02kar by 02kar 09 Jun 2022

It is frightening to see how the entire world is changing so quickly. I admit I was concerned the entire trip and prayed we would have no trouble, so, it I am doubly grateful to be home.

by pennifold 09 Jun 2022

That's great Karen that you got to have such a wonderful holiday. I'm afraid the cost of living is going up everywhere. We have lettuces for $5.00 and going up in some places, but our problems were due to the flooding rains Queensland experienced earlier this year. There are a lot of home garden beds popping up to keep costs down.
I agree with you the Truckers are doing a wonderful job and all of our supermarket staff, it's not been easy.
I'm on 3 weeks break from Mum as Jewls has taken her to Holbrook, so I'm doing much more things with our new op shop which is literally 6 houses up from my place.
Hope you can now get back to some sort of normality, love Chris

02kar by 02kar 09 Jun 2022

One of our friends is keeping track of the increasing prices. Very scary when prices increase by the week and gas seems to go up everyday. Enjoy your 3 week break. I know you spend many hours taking care of your Mum.

pennifold by pennifold 10 Jun 2022

Cuddles and hugs to you my friend. Love Chris

by graceandham 09 Jun 2022

My idea of a perfect vacation - good to go, good to come home. (Do something extraordinary, then something ordinary.)

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02kar by 02kar 09 Jun 2022

Yes, we did have some extraordinary things happen and other, very ordinary things. And it is so good to be home with lots of room to move in.

by dailylaundry 09 Jun 2022

So happy you are home safe and sound!! I wonder if we passed each other at some point - we arrived home yesterday too! Oh my, we saw many trucks too! It cannot be an easy job!! I do have a sick hubby - hope it is just a cold. We have had our second booster - but, you never know! Don't try to do too much at home - I am facing the same as you - cleaning, laundry and yard work!! Take care, hugs, Laura

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02kar by 02kar 09 Jun 2022

Glad to hear you are home also. We certainly couldn't have been too far apart during our journeys. Hope your hubby feels better very soon. Not fun to get home and not feeling up to par. My prayers are going up for you both.