by SILOGIRL 28d ago

I create a lot of Army designs in memory of my son!


by sonjapotgieter 23d ago

So sorry and Awesome designs!!!

by toogie 24d ago

Beautiful! I’m sorry for your loss.

by pennifold 27d ago

Great work and such a memorial for a wonderful son. Love Chris

by phone1lady 27d ago

Beautiful design, Thank your son for his service, you and your family.
Do you sell your designs?

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rescuer by rescuer 27d ago

Please don't ask a user if they sell their designs. They are not allowed to answer as it quickly turns into advertising--even if unintentionally. Advertising is forbidden without the express permission from this website's owner. Thanks for understanding

by dragonflyer 28d ago

A beautiful tribute... thank you, your son and your family for your service and sacrifice....

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sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 27d ago

This is beautiful, very touching. God Bless him for his service.