by pennyhal2 01 Jun 2022

Sometimes I think I'm silly that I get incredibly attached to my sewing machines. My favorite machine to use for quilting died. Apparently its circuit board failed and I can't get a replacement for them. It was too old. So, I went on Ebay and bought a replacement that wasn't functioning correctly, so I bought another one that I only had to get a foot pedal and a cord to connect it to the outlet. I could have bought a brand new machine and maybe, in retrospect, I should have if I was a logical human.

I think part of my thinking was that if I got a new machine I'd spend a fortune on getting the feet for it so all my old and favorite feet would be useless.

Then I got to thinking about people who collect dogs, cats, recipes, etc. So, maybe humans are wired to "collect" and store food...

Does anybody else collect sewing machines?


by mops Moderator 22 Jun 2022

I don't collect, I just save the old ones. :).
I have my mother's 1953 straight stitch only Elna. My own 1963 Elna that's still in fine working order. And a number of more recent machines.

by peafarm 21 Jun 2022

Yes, with head down, I am a collector of lots of things including food. We have stocked up on plenty of that due to economy and hard to get stuff now. But, in the sewing dept---I use my Kenmore I got new at Sears store in the 80's as my Cmas present and she still hums--used for most of my general sewing and just stipple quilted fabric on her and did just fine. I have my oldest granddaughter's Brother sewing machine as she says she has no time for sewing now. I had bought my mom a brand new cheapest little Babylock for sewing--she had never had a brand new machine before but at her passing in 2015 I got it back. I have my 199? Husqvarna Viking #1+ sewing/embr combo which I still use when something is just 4x4 or want to look at different decorative stitches, I have my Babylock Ellisimo Gold which is mostly used for all embroideries now--has 6?? decorative and utility stitches but only used that a couple times, I have my Singer serger--my first one--no differential feed and to tell the truth never needed diff. feed and then my Husklock 910 Serger in which I am in a serger club now so getting a little more use out of both sergers---which I only used for clothing seams or rolled hems. I donated a Kenmore [my mother in law's] when she passed and mine that was like it the motor it went to Good Will with a note. I collect many other things.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 26 Jun 2022

You have specialized your machines! I guess I do that too. Each machine has one thing that it does better than the others.

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Jun 2022

I have given one or two away, but to family members. Currently I have 3 Embroidery Combo machines. I like having an extra one around. If one needs to go for repair or maintenance, I still have one to play with. Yes I am attached to them.

by hightechgrammy 01 Jun 2022

That's funny you should ask that, because I have struggled with this too. When I first heard of people with more than one sewing machine, I truly could not imagine why anyone would ever need more than one machine. Crazy, I thought.... Well, I now have a Quatro 3, nice large embroidery/combo machine, a little Brother 400 for taking with me to quilting group, a Brother 3600 that is a medium sized embroidery combo (my husband told me I had to have it so I didn't complain all the time my machines are in for cleanings(. And now I have a Brother quilting machine, not the longer, just one that accommodates a quilt for free motion quilting. So, this person could never imagine having more than one machine, now has 4. I still don't know why I have to have so many. I have had two embroidery machines going at once, and I did do a little straight sewing. I am very, very spoiled.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 04 Jun 2022

Yea. I used to think a person I know was crazy because she has 32 machines all set up in her garage. Now I understand!

by asterixsew Moderator 01 Jun 2022

I think all of us who sew in whatever form collect fabric etc to feed out soul/habit. I still have my dearly beloved Bernina 807 which I have owned for 45 plus years. My embroidery machines havnt lasted as long. The plus point with machine embroidery is that we can collect many embroidery designs but they dont take up much room. Enjoy your new machine and Im sure the previous owner would be delighted to know that your now having fun with it

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 01 Jun 2022

Yes! Enjoy it and make great things with it.

by 02kar Moderator 01 Jun 2022

I don't collect sewing machines, but I find it awful to say good bye to my tried and true friends. I grieve. In fact I still remember my first machine. It always makes me smile thinking about all of the stitching I did with that machine over the years. My husband wanted me to get a new machine and I made sure my feet would fit the new one. And yes, I like to preserve food too.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 01 Jun 2022

You sound like a squirrel, Karen! Do you collect other things?

02kar by 02kar 02 Jun 2022

I'm not much of collector, but I love to dehydrate food. I have friends who don't have a dehydrator, so I'll dehydrate for them because I enjoy it.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 04 Jun 2022

Yep. I still have my first machine for 61 years!