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by toogie ( edited 23 May 2022 ) 21 May 2022


Hello Cuties, I am asking for prayer for Kayla. Kayla is my great nephew Nathan's wife, the young mother of 5 year old and 1 year old boys. Yesterday afternoon late she had to be airlifted to a hospital when the horse she got for mother's day reared up and she fell off. The horse fell back on it's rear end and started pawing Kayla in an attempt to get up. She has 5 broken ribs and punchered lung. Her arm was hurt but we haven't heard if it was broken. She is alert but in pain.
We left before 7 o'clock this morning to drive to Mason's graduation. It was 442 high school seniors so graduation was on the football field. Thank goodness we caught a breeze now and then, because at 10, when it began it was hot! Even though Avery had an umbrella attached to her wheelchair her face was red, by the time it was over. I imagine all ours were. We are just getting home at 4:30 and have to be back on the road, for Nora's dance recital at 7pm. I am glad the school year is winding down because the temp today is 93 degrees. We're going to have a really hot summer.
Tomorrow afternoon Ashley is giving Mason a graduation party. We still have things to make and tomorrow is church. Oh well, with this arm, I have been averaging about 4-5 hours sleep so I may get things done-lol
Kayla will be having surgery to put a plate where her ribs are broken up and maybe a tube in her lung. That's the latest news I got. Thank goodness the horse didn't get her head.Kayla is the sweetest young lady. A smile always on her face. She has a great singing voice and sings when we have our family get togethers. She also sings specials at church with her dad. She has a strong faith and a very good daughter-in-law to our niece (not the traveling niece-lol)

Kayla is in recovery, they were able to put the plates in and all went well. Thank you for continuing prayers.


by pennifold 28 May 2022

Hi Toogie, I'm back from South Australia. My prayers go out to Kayla and it's great to hear all went well.

I can't believe how hot you've got it, it's always surprising to know that you aren't the only place that is sweltering in the world at the moment. Of course it's Winter down-under, so we've got a cold icy blast coming this week.

With Mason's graduation, does that mean he has finished all his schooling, or is this a junior year graduation? Our school year is from the beginning of the year closer to the end of January, down to December I also hope Nora's dance recital was fun, love Chris

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toogie by toogie 29 May 2022

Mason was 18 in January, so the next step is college or a trade school. His mom wants him to continue his education and Mason wants to work so we will see.

by hightechgrammy 28 May 2022

Toogie, how is she doing now? Many prayers for her and her family. Your whole family really

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toogie by toogie 29 May 2022

She is home, thanks for asking. She can't lift, on the one year old, so her mom is helping. Recovery takes time but she is strong, young and otherwise healthy. Thank you for asking.

by 02kar Moderator 23 May 2022

Toogie, I just got this news. My prayers are being added for Kayla and Nathan and the team caring for her. Please keep us updated on how she is doing. And if she needs to use a Spigmometer thingie to improve her breathing, tell her to please use it. It helped me so very much.

Congrats to Mason on his milestone. I sincerely hope you all get to enjoy his party and Nora's dance recital.

by graceandham 22 May 2022

Praying with others. Big Hug, Betsey

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graceandham by graceandham 23 May 2022

Thanks for update. Good to hear.

by dailylaundry 22 May 2022

Prayers for Kayla - I would imagine the pain must be something else! I know you will be busy helping out with Mason's party - but please so go easy - you aren't healed yet!! Please let us know how Kayla is doing!! Hugs, Laura

by crafter2243 Moderator 22 May 2022

So sorry to hear about this. I hope surgery went well. I will be praying for Kayla. I can imagine how much in pain she must be. Praying for fast healing.

by mops Moderator 22 May 2022

Such a mix of emotions: joy for Mason, anxiety and sorrow for Kayla. My thoughts are with you.
Prayers that the surgery goes well and Kayla will recover quickly.
Love, Martine

by sdrise 22 May 2022

How awful! Prayers are coming her way. Pray surgery goes well and a speedy recovery....Congrats to Mason too

by marianb 22 May 2022

Sending Kayla healing thoughts, hope goes well with he surgery's.

by shirley124 21 May 2022

Sending prayers. Hugs

by loriziegler 21 May 2022

Prayers from PA!

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by toogie edited 21 May 2022

Kayla coached her son Lane, our grandson Gus and g-grandson Rylan’s Tee Ball team this year. They were undefeated.

by grammaheh1 21 May 2022

prayers for Kayla and wishing all of her surgeries go well and that she heals quickly

by mad14kt 21 May 2022

JESUS ... May the Lord give her a speedy recovery and a 100% healing!!! In Jesus Name, AMEN!!!