by toogie 20 May 2022

Cuties, give me your thoughts, please. This morning I went to therapy and my PT asked me to make a quilt for a football game. The teams are local, private and public, small town. One team colors are blue and gold, the other is purple and white.

However, he said it was going to be western theme this year. WHAT? I had to admit I am not into games and really don't understand what western has to do with football.
When he said western, I told him I thought I downloaded a boot quilt block (can't seem to find it since I got home) He said cowboy boot would be good. I don't know exactly what he has pictured in his mind, to use schools colors(?) how do you think they will look together, or if he's thinking, denim and bandanna fabric.
Do you have any thoughts I could run by him? Do you know where I could possibly find a free block? I have a 12 1/2 inch football block. I even thought of doing a row quilt, with one school colors of boots in half the quilt and other school colors in bottom half, with a row of footballs in between. Then I don't know if I use a white background how the purple and white boot would show.My daughter just called and when I told her she said use green as my background like the grass football field...Just running ideas as I type. I guess you can tell I'm thinking.
Let me know what you think and please any links to anything western blocks, free if possible. He didn't say he would pay me for my time. He knows I make for charities so I guess he expects me to give to this, but he did want to give me money today for the fabric. I couldn't tell him how much fabric would cost until we decide the fabric and the pattern, but I did tell him fabric is higher than you think. Have a nice day and thanks in advance- Toogie


by hightechgrammy 22 May 2022

This will sound really bad, but I don't understand why you would do this for him. Is it a fund raiser? I don't think people understand how much work, how much skill it takes to make a quilt. And you make excellent ones. I have decided I will not sew anything for less than $10 an hour and that is cheap. I hope your kindness isn't being taken advantage of because of your big heart.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 22 May 2022

Maybe this guy should just buy some licensed fabric for his purpose. I get caught up doing things for people when what they really would be happy with is something simple... I told you I would sound really bad.

toogie by toogie 23 May 2022

I love quilting and don’t mind helping, if the money raised, is to support the athletic department. I will ask if he brings it up tomorrow. I’m so tired with graduation Saturday morning and dance recital that night and getting ready for Mason’s party Sunday evening, I don’t even wanna think-lol

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 28 May 2022

Toogie, You are amazing, and so generous. I make lots of little ones, for the Kool Kids, the ones with the syndrome Ben had. But YOU make incredible pieced quilts with so much perfect detail. Thank you for being so kind with your time and talents, and fabric! and thread! and batting! and ideas and LOVE you stitch in.

by sebsews 20 May 2022

Wow, I can't even think about doing this! I do like the one crafter2243 suggested. I know you will create a beautiful quilt. I am still working on cutting out my tumblers. Hand does not want to cooperate with scissors much anymore...arthritis.

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toogie by toogie 20 May 2022

Oh Suzanna, you need to get you a rotary cutter and mat. It's so much quicker and easier on the hands too.

by rescuer Moderator 20 May 2022

I would begin by looking at western football quilts. Then find one that would allow the colors of the teams without much effort. That is a tall order, but it has been done in my area as we have a rivalry that has lasted longer than I have been alive. I'll see if I can find something that will help you. I know you can do this. You are amazing!

rescuer by rescuer 20 May 2022

I forgot to add... Find licensed fabric for the teams. Most want the symbols found on helmets to be a part of the quilt. That is a safe way to get the logo. One quilt done recently had one team on the front and one just like it on the back.

toogie by toogie 20 May 2022

lol-don't think that I haven't already thought of making it two sided! If you find anything I'd appreciate it. He had first said maybe do the corners of the mascots, Bulldogs and Trojans. If I had a big embroidery hoop I may consider but appliqueing the old way, too much sugar for the candy-lol

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 May 2022

For right now (I have very limited time - out of town guests) but I found a free pattern for cowboy boots. Based on that I am sure you could even design your own. I also like your daughters idea of using green als the background. Sand color would also be great. If time allows I will research further

toogie by toogie 20 May 2022

Okay, thanks!

crafter2243 by crafter2243 20 May 2022

would this help

toogie by toogie 20 May 2022

Thanks A, just added that one to my files.

by pennyhal2 20 May 2022

Oh dear! This can be a little tricky to navigate. Did he say what he wanted the quilt for? For his personal use? What size? This football team is not a charity, but football games are a gathering place for people in a small town to rally around and be a social activity for the enitre town. It sounds like he wants it for his personal use, not to benefit the a cover for the ticket table.

I've had someone ask me to make a quilt out of their father's shirts. I told her that she had to take the shirts apart, wash and iron the fabric before I could make a quilt from them and that I'd have to buy batting, thread, ect...Did not hear from her so I guess she changed her mind. People just don't know how much committment it takes to make a quilt. I no longer get myself cornered into making a quilt.

I would not buy the fabric until you've have a pretty accurate idea of what the cost would be and he gives you money to cover the cost. I'd inclue the cost of the batting. It could really add up to $+++ quickly. Maybe give him options of different quilt sizes....a lap quilt or a wall quilt could be more inexpensive. The fact that you did not tell him that you only make free quilts for charities, not for indiviuals makes me think that you really would like to make a quilt for him.

So, first, I'd as I really want to make this quilt or am I being cornered into making one? If you really want to make this quilt, get busy! If not, tell him that after thinking about your committments you really have too many customers (i.e. charities) that you are already commited to making quilts for and don't have time to take on another project.

I've have always had a problem saying "no" to people who want me to do things for them. I'm better at it now.

toogie by toogie 20 May 2022

No, I’m sorry I didn’t explain well. It’s not for his personal use. He started this home town game night between the teams over 20 years ago. He is a very good supporter of all the athletes. I will ask though where the money raised will go before I do anything. He will pay and wants to upfront. I’m not worried.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 28 May 2022

I guess I missed that, Toogie, I thought too he was asking for himself. I love doing quilts for great causes. I just get caught up sometimes in projects that I didn't fully understand. Hugs, dear friends and thank you!

by asterixsew Moderator 20 May 2022

Well Toogie a interesting question. Good luck with it. My knowledge of football is minimal so can’t help on that count (was going to put score but removed it) I like your daughters idea of green and grass, then I have no more ideas. Just thought while I know nothing about football I know even less about American football. BUT what I do know is that whatever you do come up with will be brilliant

asterixsew by asterixsew 20 May 2022

PS is quilt making part of Physical Therapy?

toogie by toogie 20 May 2022

Lol- I told him I quilted grandsons pillows and yard work at my moms house for therapy although I didn’t think that was the therapy he had in mind.