by pennifold 19 May 2022

Hi Gals, just a little note to inform you I won't be on here for the next week as I'm off to Adelaide tomorrow with Trevor and Mum.

Trev and I are attending our 50th reunion (actually 2 years later) of the Football club that Trev was part of back in 1970. Luckily most of the original team will be attending with some from interstate (we are one couple from NSW). We have a function to attend to during the afternoon and then dinner with all our old friends from those days. I can't wait to see them.

First off on Saturday we are having lunch with my Uncle Brian (my Father's brother) who just turned 80 on 1st April and his wife Helen, then catching up with one of Mum's oldest friends,(Shirley,84) who unfortunately is dying - she told me yesterday that the doctors have only given her till September (maybe) to live.

Trev will leave after lunch as he's one of the original football team and wants to be at the functions for the 'old boys'.

Once Mum and I have left Shirley's place I have to get back to the motel and drop Mum off and make sure she is ok in her room (which is next to ours) and then I'll have to Taxi it to the Kingswood oval where all the Football events are taking place.

On Sunday morning Mum and I are flying to Port Lincoln where my sister will meet us and take us back to her home in Tumby Bay. I'm only staying for 1 week as Mum's dog Lily is being kenneled and I am going to live in Mum's house till she returns.

Unfortunately on Tuesday 31st May I have to have a Trabeculectomy Technique with MMC and Preseflo. I watched an operation of this procedure on YouTube. Poor Trev would be repelled if he saw this operation.

I have to visit my Opthalmologist weekly for about 6-8 weeks and use 2 lots of drops (this is due to my having Glaucoma) and I pray that it will all go well.

It's only day surgery and once I'm done Trevor will take me back to Amy's place for a while as he has to teach that night. Amy will take me back to Mum's place as I don't want Lily to fret.

Amy's girls and Steve are leaving for England on Sunday morning and she will be on her own for 3 weeks, so she will welcome helping me out for a while, although she works 4 days a week.

I will come back on here once I return from holidays and I wish everyone having a birthday the best of days and hope to comment on the Projects, love Chris


by mariagiannina 19 May 2022

Sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you! Have a good time, and all the best with your op. I'll be thinking of you.

by dragonflyer 19 May 2022

Sounds like an action packed safely!

by dailylaundry 19 May 2022

Wow, that will be a busy trip! Enjoy the festivities and prayers for you for the surgery!! Bunches of hugs!! Laura

by 02kar Moderator 19 May 2022

My you will be very busy this month. Have a wonderful safe trip and reunion. And my prayers will be going up for your surgery and may it be successful and quick healing.

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jrob by jrob 19 May 2022

Ditto that!

by asterixsew Moderator 19 May 2022

Happy travels, remembering the fun times of youth, catching up and making more memories and have fun