by noah 17 May 2022

Well Ladies I finished my first baby quilt .It involves two things i love Crochet and Embroidery .Thanks for LQQKING:):)hugs Noah xx


by genin 21 May 2022

I never think make crochet with patch ! it's very beautiful !

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noah by noah 21 May 2022

Thanks 4 your kind words :):)Hugs xx

by basketkase 19 May 2022

Wow, tons of work but looks great!!

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noah by noah 20 May 2022

Yes you knit lots so you should know for sure .Thanks Vicki hugs xx

by queenofhearts 19 May 2022

Carolyn, this is lovely, certainly one of a kind.

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noah by noah 20 May 2022

Well said one of a kind i like that lol hugs xxx

by peafarm 18 May 2022

Carolyn, I just love this. Are you going to put them in a 'Hope' chest your Savvy? Or at least one of them? Give her a hint, maybe? This looks like a great t.v. time project, after the embroidery.

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noah by noah 18 May 2022

yes it is but i love it .No 9 months gives me lots of time to make one lol but her and i picked out a pattern she liked for a Quilt but i can't remember where or what it was lol Darned old head lol

by olly 18 May 2022

Lovely Carolyn!! I saw your post a few days ago when the squares had not yet been joined together. I have been checking back often to see the finished project and was delighted to see the finished quilt.
Are the squares sewn together or crocheted together? What ply wool did you use?
Again, thanks for the inspiration. I will start one soon - the finger movement of crocheting helps my arthritic fingers to loosen up!

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noah by noah 18 May 2022

I bought Normal yarn @ Walmart and all is crochet .You do the squares .Then crochet them together ok

by pennifold 18 May 2022

Hi Carolyn, this is just gorgeous. Whoever receives it will have hours of fun looking at and playing with it, plus it will keep them warm! Great work, my friend, love Chris

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noah by noah 18 May 2022

Thanks Chris for your kind words .They Mean A lot to me:):)xx

by dragonflyer 17 May 2022

Oh, happy to see that you have re-posted this sweet quilt...I went to make a comment and, poof, it disappeared... I couldn't imagine why... But, glad to see it back, it's awesome. I love the crochet with the embroidered quilt blocks...and your character fabric is perfect... Well done, this will make someone very happy!

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noah by noah 17 May 2022

Thanks for your kind words .Cute sometimes isn't very cute lol hugs xx

by robertahilde 17 May 2022

This is so sweet and so colorful, a remarkable job my friend!
This quilt will make a baby very happy and a mother delighted. Hugs Roberta

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noah by noah 17 May 2022

Ah thank-you Roberta nice to see you here hugs xx

by worthy 17 May 2022

Omy Omy! How will they decide which pretty side to use. Never dreamed you would have such a great kiddie fabric on the back side. Someone is going to love it to pieces. Can't you just see it being taking everywhere the little ones goes. Wonderful wonderful job.

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noah by noah 17 May 2022

Oh i love your idea my youngest son now 46 used to drag his favorite blanket everywhere lol