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by toogie ( edited 16 May 2022 ) 16 May 2022

Hello Cuties! I just cooked some fresh potatoes, Richard and Nae gave me, from their garden.

They have a beautiful big garden. I’m so proud of them because this is their first. Look what they produced from one 125 foot row! Yes, that is the length of their rows! They still have another row to dig but these are 5 gallon buckets.
I tried to capture the length in this picture. They have been picking cucumbers, today tomatoes, banana peppers, bell peppers. They have planted corn, green snap beans, purple hull peas, and okra also.
I looked at all the garden and the animals while I was there. They just sold some beautiful rabbits and soon will have more to sell. They had lost a lot of little ones because of the heat. When they realized they brought them in the pool house until they could grow a little and adapt. Richard said it’s like a zoo over there-lol I can’t imagine the cost of all the feed.
We weren’t able to get a garden planted this year so between our kids and friends we will be grateful for what they give. Hope some of you have gardens this year. ❤️Toogie


by cfidl 16 May 2022

Wow! Do they plant in January? Looks so yummy!

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toogie by toogie 16 May 2022

They planted potatoes 90 days ago. I know because that’s how long they wait to dig them. They planted the other sometime later.

by pennifold 16 May 2022

Hi Toogie, these all look gorgeous, well done to Richard and Nae, such hard work being a farmer. Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 16 May 2022

And the work doesn’t end until you preserve everything. It is hard work but so rewarding eaten fresh vegetables you grew yourself. Richard watched everything so closely Nae had a hard time keeping him from picking until they were ready/ripe.-lol

by 02kar Moderator 16 May 2022

Kudos to Richard and Nae. In this time of high inflation, I'm happy that folks are gardening again. And I'm glad they shared their bounty with you. I was talking with a farmer friend, and he was telling me he is going to pressure can his potatoes this year to preserve them. I've never tried that. I hope you get many more 5 gallon buckets of goodies to enjoy.

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toogie by toogie 16 May 2022

These buckets are theirs. I did get a mess to cook of little both ones. I like to scrape the skins off instead of peeling. However, one of them put me about 10 bigger ones in my car. Seed, fertilizer, gas for tractor is also high so I didn’t want to take but a mess/cooking. I am so proud of them for trying their hand at gardening.

by pennyhal2 16 May 2022

Oh my!!! That's a lot of produce! I admire people who know how to grow their own food and share with others.

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toogie by toogie 16 May 2022

They do like to share, both of them would give you anything. Their hard work is paying off. I told my daughter since we didn’t make a garden I’d go help her with canning anything she wants to can. I have stuff still canned or in the freezer although I can always use more corn and okra. We love them both and so does the kids and grandkids. Richard said the other night when they ate here that if there was any corn left when everyone got through eating send it home with him! There wasn’t any left-lol

by sewpam 16 May 2022

Wow, that is a lot of potatoes. Beautiful Veggies! We just had, and hopefully, our last freeze a few days ago. It is only going to be 62 degrees here today. I am ready for some good warm weather, please send some to the northwest.

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toogie by toogie 16 May 2022

We have a high of 91 today, so this summer will be a scorcher! You may think that’s a lot but you can fix potatoes so many ways it won’t take long to use them up. They want to give to the families but I told them wait to see what next row produces. They are always having Suppers or cooking for a lot. They won’t ruin as they have them spread out in the air conditioned pool house.