by noah 14 May 2022

When you sew people think you can do anything .

Well my friend Brenda told her Granddaughter that i could do as she wanted done to this hat for her Dad for Father's Day.Wow i told her i have never sewed on a hat before and a lot of thinking went into this .It is far from perfect but will half to do .I just hope she likes it?I only did the proud Dad part late last night .Thanks for LQQKING:):)


by arisann 26d ago

great job!

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noah by noah 22d ago

Thank-you :):)

by toogie 27d ago

Awesome work! Caps aren’t easy.

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noah by noah 27d ago

THanks Toogie:):)

by zoefzoef 28d ago

great job !
did you use a special frame for this or else how did you manage ?

noah by noah 27d ago

No frame at all I put heavy Tearaway in my smaller frame and tighten it up .Then i pined the cap in place all over it to hold it tight in the middle Matching up the middle of the hat and the middle of the frame.

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 26d ago

thanks for the tip !

by sonjapotgieter 01 Jun 2022

Great job done!!

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noah by noah 03 Jun 2022

Thanks hugs xx

by dreamssewn 15 May 2022

Great Job. Stitching on hats isn't always the easiest. My nephew wants me to stitch his Carnie Logo on some hats for him. However, I also need to try to digitize it and I'm so out of practice with my digitizing. Any recommendations for someone to digitize a simple logo?

rescuer by rescuer edited 16 May 2022

Unless you have permission (usually expensive and always in writing) from the owner/company of the logo, no one will be able to legally help you. You could buy a badge from the authorized/official seller and stitch it onto the hats.

noah by noah 16 May 2022

Sorry i can't help you i can hardly help myself lol

by peafarm 15 May 2022

Great job trying this type embroidery and your bravery. I did one in the 90's when I learned to use my first machine, then, never again. On my growing and long list of to-do's. Just wait until your camper's know about this and your townspeople. Look Out!!!!

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noah by noah 16 May 2022

Lol Thanks my Pea Farmer xx

by pennifold 15 May 2022

Hi Carolyn, wow! girl, you did a great job. I have never sewn on a hat either and how you got it positioned is fantastic. Love Chris

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noah by noah 15 May 2022

Thanks 4 your kind words xx

by dailylaundry 15 May 2022

You did a great job!! I have never stitched on a hat!! Hugs to you!

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noah by noah 15 May 2022

Thanks :):)

by basketkase 15 May 2022

They will love it, Carolyn.......what a great job!

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noah by noah 15 May 2022

I was so unsure of myself BUT+++

by pennyhal2 15 May 2022

LIve and learn as they say! He'll be proud to wear it!

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noah by noah 15 May 2022

Yes he will for sure thanks

by dragonflyer 14 May 2022

Well done Carolyn...No one would ever guess that this was your first hat!

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noah by noah 14 May 2022

Ah thanks Kim hugs xx

by worthy edited 14 May 2022

As usual an outstanding job. And "you', I've decided can do anything as people you know, know you can. ;-)
I have to agree with 'asterixsew' stated.
(I've run to such beliefs even in own younger family members.)

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noah by noah 14 May 2022

Wellllllllll I try but i also am willing and able to learn .I have wished all my life that someone would be able to teach me how to digitize .But there is no-one within hundreds of mile .

by graceandham 14 May 2022

Love your heart for doing that for her, but I would have said, "no, I can't do that. You need someone with a hat hoop and lots of practice." Or, maybe, I could do that on a shirt for you...

noah by noah 14 May 2022

Well she lives miles from me and it was her grandmother that took me the free job lol .But hay i learned :):)Never to old to learn Right?

worthy by worthy 15 May 2022


by asterixsew Moderator 14 May 2022

Carolyn I dont think I have embroidered on a hat. Congratulations on getting it embroidered. Its interesting how those who dont sew think were capable of miracles and often we achieve along the way

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noah by noah 14 May 2022

I guess we prove them right lol thanks