by basketkase 08 May 2022

Hi sweet sorry been so absent....this past surgery really did a number on my energy and I had a ton of numbness yet pain where he removed all that bony scar tissue, plus been having terrible vertigo, ugh.......that said I did play a little yesterday and these will be up on my website tonight......they are called Doodly Frame #1-#5......


by cfidl 12 May 2022

Is the top right one loose enough density for mylar or angelina? Love it!

basketkase by basketkase 13 May 2022

Yes, it sure is.......

cfidl by cfidl 14 May 2022


by jrob Moderator 12 May 2022

Happy that you have recovered enough to create. Try to take it easy and heal up. Your body is begging you to rest. :)

by stork 10 May 2022

Prayers that you will keep healing with less pain and other issues. Make sure you are still resting.

by peafarm 10 May 2022

I am amazed you can sit and work on designs. Will continue to pray for your healing and be pain free. Terrible the misery we have to go through to make things better...these are beautiful and you work well when sick also.

by sonjapotgieter 10 May 2022

So pleased all went well!!!Wishing you Speedy recovery!!!Awesome designs!!

by sewtired 09 May 2022

Glad you're getting back to play, just don't rush it.

by mops Moderator 09 May 2022

Glad to see you playing. And with such lovely designs as a result.
For me it's the best remedy when feeling low. It's so nice to see something pretty and useful growing with every click that's placed.

Hope that you recover quickly, you've been through so much for so long.

by 02kar Moderator 08 May 2022

I'm glad you were able to "play a little". They are cute and versatile for sure. I'm so sorry to hear you are having yet another tough time of recovery. And YUCK on experiencing vertigo. That's insult added to injury in my book. Now listen to your body. It's telling you that you have been through so much and it needs to rest and rest some more.

by pennifold 08 May 2022

Wow, you area a Trojan, make sure you have plenty of rest Vicki, great work once again. Love Chris

by pennyhal2 08 May 2022

I enjoy seeing such various shapes that can be used a variety of ways.