by anitapatch 03 May 2022

Found this free pattern of an optical illusion quilt. They are fun


by markus 20 May 2022

Thank you

by noah 19 May 2022

I could never sew this it would make me sick i cannot look at this kind
of thing lol

by marianb 04 May 2022

thank you for the link.

by loriziegler 03 May 2022

Thank you! That turned out really pretty! I am the worlds worst binder! My corners look terrible!

by bemara 03 May 2022

So great job, just love your work - stunning, I love illusions, do you know the pictures of M.C. Escher, where stairs lead to nowhere....

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anitapatch by anitapatch 03 May 2022

Yes I have seen those stairs. The foto is not my work. , But i will do this quilt one day

by stork 03 May 2022

very nice pattern, crazy on the eyes! lol

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anitapatch by anitapatch 03 May 2022

Yes. Think it s even more cracy with at batik that is not plane. As they suggest

by stellapta 03 May 2022

I would love to try it.