by mops 30 Apr 2022

My neighbour asked me to make two bibs and embroider them with a design based on the birth announcement. I did not like the colours she chose. I would have liked them grey-ish with less contrast.

I noticed the last thing I embroidered on my 4-needle was in September last year and I hardly remembered how to use it :)


by teun 05 May 2022

Hallo Martine
Bestwel mooie slabbertjes,maar ik had ze in het grijs ook mooier gevonden.lgr.Lammy

by peafarm 04 May 2022

You are right on the coloring but got to do what the client wants, right? They still are very becoming Martine and I am sure she is loving them.

by pennifold 03 May 2022

I'm with you Martine, I'm not a fan of browns etc. You have still done an awesome job and I'm sure your neighbour loved them. Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 02 May 2022

They Gorgeous

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mops by mops 02 May 2022

Thank you.

by dragonflyer 01 May 2022

I'm sure your neighbor will be very happy with these...

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mops by mops 01 May 2022

Yes, she was. She always wants two: one as a gift for the mother and one for the grandmother who is a close friend of her.

by toogie 01 May 2022

It is a cute elephant even if you couldn’t stitch it in colors of your liking. Some people can’t visualize how things will look and should leave that up to someone who knows. The stitching looks good from here, too.

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mops by mops 01 May 2022

Thank you. I did not test it first and fortunately it stitched out well first time round :)

by robertahilde 30 Apr 2022

Very cute, your neighbour must be happy. Hugs Roberta

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mops by mops 01 May 2022

She sure was happy.

by dailylaundry 30 Apr 2022

Well, I think these are sweet - but, I agree with you - grayish would have been better! Love the stretchy neck - well done! Hugs!

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mops by mops 01 May 2022

Thank you. Had a happy customer, which is the important thing.

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 Apr 2022

You did great. One has to do what a customer requests.
I know what you mean about forgetting how to use a appliance you have not touched for a while. So often, I have to recall patterns of items, I made multiples of and review them

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mops by mops 01 May 2022

A quick look at the manual would have saved me a lot of time - should use the machine a couple of times now lest I forget how to again :)

by pennyhal2 30 Apr 2022

It was great that you used the colors she wanted. Sometimes that happens to me too.

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mops by mops 01 May 2022

Thank you. She was very pleased with the outcome.

by noah 30 Apr 2022

Awesome job Mops .Nice to see you on here again :):)xxx

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mops by mops 01 May 2022

Thank you.

by 02kar Moderator 30 Apr 2022

You are a good neighbor to make these just as wanted. They still look cute. I can understand your struggle with your 4 needle after not using it for months. I'm in the same boat, relearning how to use my multi-needle after not being able to use it since i was sick over a year ago. I hope you manage to do another project soon.

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mops by mops 01 May 2022

I have been knitting a lot lately, by hand as by my 80s knitting machine. And been sewing, but not digitising nor embroidering on the 4-needle. So I had trouble what button to push in the menu - my son would have said RTBM - read the b*** manual - and that's what I did in the end.

by asterixsew Moderator 30 Apr 2022

Martine these are lovely. It’s interesting that our colour choices and others is different.

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mops by mops 30 Apr 2022