by sewtired 10 Apr 2022

I haven't been embroidering much lately, and finally got the time to work on a project that I've put off for far too long. Putting some designs on T-shirts for my school teacher daughter. I looked up instructions for embroidering on T-shirts and followed them. The designs stitched out well, but after washing - total disaster! The shirt fabric is ripping away from the stitching. There was no mention about using a ball point needle, but after the fact, I seem to remember that that was what should be used with knits. The directions said to stiffen the fabric with Terial spray and apply web mesh light to the back. So is the problem not using a ball point needle, the fabric being too stiff to let the needle not pierce the threads, the T-shirts being too wimpy, all of the above or something else? Is there anyway to save these shirts? I am broken hearted.


by sewtired 14 Apr 2022

Final update on my T-shirt fiasco. Except for the orange shirt, I have stitched around the outside of all embroidery as you can see in the close-up of the word Toucan. I've applied fray check around everything as well and applied another layer of fusible no-show mesh to the back to further stabilize the fabric. What a tedious job! I'm recommending that my daughter wash these by hand. We'll see how long they hold up. The orange shirt has applique and the appliqued part did not seem to be damaged. The lettering around it was so small, I just stitched an outline around it and again used the fray check. Thanks for all you advice! I haven't yet decided on what to do with the 5 other shirt she asked me to embroider.

by sewtired 11 Apr 2022

I have not yet decided what to do with these shirts, but here is the 4th one. I haven't washed it yet, but can see the broken threads of the shirt around the stitching. I also haven't decided yet how to proceed with more, but I appreciate all of your suggestions and guidance about your procedures.

by sharonleekesner 11 Apr 2022

I embroider a lot of T shirts. I turn the shirt wrong side out and fuse a piece of fusible mesh to the area the design will be on. Fuse a second piece so you have a crisscross like an X. Turn the shurt, right side out.Hoop a medium tear away, spray with basting spray and lay the shirt on top. Smooth it out but don't stretch. Baste the shirt down and start your design. If there are any parts of the design that are more stitch intensive, float a piece of tearaway under the hoop. When finished, gently tear the tearaway from the shirt. The fusible can be trimmed about an inch away from the design. Hope this helps.

by 02kar Moderator 11 Apr 2022

I can certainly understand how disappointed you are. I can only tell you what I have done and it works for me. I use a tear away stabilizer, medium weight and I am careful not to stretch the fabric in the hoop. I use adhesive spray and also pin the fabric and stabilizer to be sure the fabric doesn't slip. I have no idea if this helps, but I hope you manage to find the method that works for you.

by mrskiki 11 Apr 2022

After using the Terrial Magic, float or hoop a piece of cut away. If you look at store bought shirts, they all use at least a medium weight cut away. If you are going to throw this shirt away, use it to test. Hugs. Nan

by graceandham 10 Apr 2022

School children younger than high school are amazingly uncritical. And appreciative of your humor.

asterixsew by asterixsew 10 Apr 2022

Betsy where you a teacher? Love your reply

sewtired by sewtired 10 Apr 2022

Thanks, she teaches in an elementary school. I am not concerned about criticism, but that the shirts might fall apart when worn or the next time they are washed. I also have 2 more planned, but I'm afraid to go ahead with them.

by asterixsew Moderator 10 Apr 2022

How annoying and frustrating too