by pennifold 10 Apr 2022

Hi gals, I'm not sure if you all know that I've been looking after my Mum who has advanced Dementia.

Well, we were to leave this Wednesday to go to Adelaide to visit my Uncle Brian and his wife on Thursday and catch up with an old friend of Mum's after.

On Good Friday we were flying over to Port Lincoln where my sister was picking us up to take us to her place in Tumby Bay - well it's not happening as I've come down with Covid!

To say I am peeved is an understatement, we have been waiting for months to go as the accommodation and flights were booked back in January. I just couldn't believe it when I took a RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) this morning and it showed positive. It's a very faint line, but what with our quarantine rules here in Australia I am now in quarantine till Easter Sunday, so no Easter services for me.

To top that off I cannot visit Mum who needs daily supervision at the moment. We are awaiting her Commonwealth Home Care Package which arrives at the end of April!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully it will take the onus off me as I am with her every day just to ensure she is taking her medications, eating, drinking, washing etc. She cannot operate the Microwave anymore, or the washing machine and even has trouble with the phone and TV. I bought her a beaut phone with pictures on it and that has helped, but when it comes to actually ringing someone who is not in the pictures, she can't do it. I have to remember to keep calm and just constantly repeat things, it is no different than when we were training our children to do things.

So this week I am on my own as Trev is leaving tomorrow to go to Adelaide. I am going to have a great time on my own as I have a bread maker, a cappuccino maker, lots of food in the fridge and my SEWING to keep me occupied!

To that end I am making pillow cases (like Carolyn has made) to match my beautiful Navy, White and Lemon quilt

It's been a very stressful 2 years and I know it's only going to get worse.

I have decided to go and live with Mum from late afternoon till the morning, just to make sure she is eating a meal for dinner and having breakfast and I also have to constantly remind her to take her medications. Dementia is such a dreadful disease and what makes it worse is that I watched my Father go through the same thing. I am not looking forward to the future.

I've been to an Assisted Living centre, but Mum constantly says she doesn't want to go to a Nursing home as she calls it. I've told her well to that end I need to have more people looking after her in her own home. We will see how long this goes on for.

Please keep me in your daily prayers and thoughts as I've still got a long road ahead of me.

I've also told you that our Redhead Anglican Church shut on the 6th February, well the church I go to (which is 6 houses up the road from me) at Belmont North Anglican Church, called Holy Family will be closing its doors as a church on Sunday 24th April - only 2 weeks away!!!

Our Redhead OpShop has to be out of their premises by the 14th May as the landlord is not renewing our lease and thankfully our Bishop has seen some sense and is letting us use the Belmont North Church as the new Op Shop. Poor Greg our Priest is actually going away on holidays to Thailand just after Easter and won't even be here for the closure. I am devastated at this.

As I've got Covid and can't be with him and our other warden on Tuesday they are going to set up a Zoom meeting so I can be in on the last service preparations.

Well, life is never dull. I pop on daily to look at the Projects and Community so I'm still around, just not doing that much sewing at the moment. Maybe one thing a day at times, but I'm hopeful at getting my life back to some sort of normality this year! Love and blessings Chris


by basketkase 11 Apr 2022

So sorry to hear of all your life challenges right now and to top it off to get covid is horrible.....this shall all pass and things will work out for all...your strong faith will get you through this!

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pennifold by pennifold 11 Apr 2022

Thanks Vicki, yes, I've been praying for us all who have come down with this virus. I am one of the lucky ones, I really only had a stuffed up nose, thought of you with all your troubles!!!
I'm out in my sewing room doing more designs for the pillow cases and was just about to make some bread and found out I don't have any Milk powder which is used in my bread making recipe! Bummer, I'll have to try something else. I can't even pop down to the shops which are only 200/300 metres away! Love Chris

Been playing this song to lift my spirits as I was in tears this morning. Amy went to Mum's before she went to work, bless her, and gave her a croissant with ham and cheese and some orange juice. Lily (Mum's dog) hadn't been fed and she was hungry. It's only going to get worse. So sad seeing Mum like this, love Chris

by gerryvb 11 Apr 2022

sorry you got Covid, and things are not going as planned, hope you feel better and recover soon !!!

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pennifold by pennifold 11 Apr 2022

Hi Gerry, yes, me too. I feel totally fine today, no stuffed nose and I'm happily sewing to my heart's content. Love Chris

by shirley124 10 Apr 2022

I am so sorry to hear you have Covid and have to miss your trip.
I hope you can get some help with your Mum so you do not have to worry about her too much. It is so sad seeing your loved ones going through dementia. I love the phone you got for her. Did not know such phones were available. The Nurses where my sister is in the Nursing Home told me she sometimes forgets how to answer the phone. I doubt she would even be able to use one like your Mums. I hope you are well enough to be able to do some sewing. Sounds like you are prepared with food, coffee maker and bread makers etc. Take time and rest when you need it. Hugs

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pennifold by pennifold 11 Apr 2022

Hi Shirley, I've had a really good day today. Trev left about 10.00 and popped into see our son Ben as it's his birthday today and then he flew to Adelaide.
I've cleaned out my tall boy, my wardrobe has been culled and I've sewn 2 more designs for my pillow cases.
I did a load of washing and will fold it later tonight. I"ve just had dinner and it's now nearly 6.45. I'll retire to my room and watch Netflix for a few hours.. Love Chris

by irenewayne 10 Apr 2022

Sorry to hear all this Chris but take care & I hope all is well soon

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Apr 2022

Hi Irene, yes, thanks for your wishes. I am trying to be good and relax. I've just cleaned out my bedroom, so that's a start! Love Chris

by dailylaundry 10 Apr 2022

Sorry, Chris, that you will miss your trip! You have so very much on your plate right now, I am certain you were really looking forward to it. I hope your symptoms aren't bad. Knowing what you have ahead of you with your Mum's illness makes it even worse - I just hope your sister, even though she doesn't live close-by, and your kiddos can lend a hand. With everything, you must feel so frustrated!! You obviously need help caring for your Mum!! You are in my thoughts and prayers and I am sending cyber ((hugs)) to you, Laura

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Apr 2022

Oh! thanks darling Kim. Our elder daughter is popping by to Mum's about 11.00 and I want to inform her before she goes to make sure Mum takes her medication. The automatic pill timer goes off at 8.00, but each time I go over there the pills are now sitting on the cupboard. She is forgetting to put them in her mouth. I had to stand by her every day last week and make her take them with her glass of water. I despair at times, but have to persevere for her sake.
I've got my machine on and will start soon to do some more designs for my pillow slips. Thanks for your prayers and hugs too. Love Chris

by sebsews 10 Apr 2022

Oh Chris, I feel your pain, concerns and everything that goes along with this terrible disease. My sister has the beginnings of dementia she is 78. She has paranoid, anxieties, and many of the signs. Together we will go on this long ride. Doctor continues to give more meds, but I see no change. Sorry you are unable to go on your trip. I hope you feel well enough to sew and make projects. Sending hugs and prayers, Suzanna

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Apr 2022

Thanks Suzanna, yes, I know there are many on here who are going through similar things. Life is difficult sometimes but I'm sure I will get through it.
I've just turned my machine on and will do some more designs for my pillow slips. When I've finished I'll post them. Love Chris

by toogie 10 Apr 2022

Chris, I am so sorry you tested positive. I hope your symptoms are no more than some of my family, with just sinuses, loss of taste and malaise.
Not only can it disrupt your daily life, but it’s very disappointing to miss so much you had planned. I hope everyone else in the family stays well.
If you feel well enough, like you said, you can get some sewing done. Much get well soon wishes coming your way, along with hugs, love and prayers. Take care ❤️🥰Toogie

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Apr 2022

Fortunately everyone else has had it. I was the only one who didn't get it, and I have no idea how I got it, but hey, that's fine. At least it will build up some antibodies.
I'm just so disappointed about all our travel plans and Jewls is too, We are aiming to try again in late May.

We thought about the 20th May and just found out yesterday that our Federal Elections will be on the Saturday 21st May, it's when we will choose to either keep Scott Morrison as our Prime Minister or choose Anthony Albanese the opposition. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 10 Apr 2022

Oh, Chris...doesn't it figure that with all that you have planned and have looked forward to that Covid would be disrupting everything... I hope you are asymptomatic and are feeling coming your way...

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Apr 2022

Hi Kim, yes, it's what we call over here in Australia Murphy's law - Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."
I only have a stuffed up nose and feel fine otherwise. Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 10 Apr 2022

Chris, I'm so sorry to hear all of this. I know it is complicating your life even more. But enjoy the time alone to rest, stitch and just be. You will be picking up your busy life soon enough.

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Apr 2022

Hi Karen, yes, you are right. I'm just sorting out my drawers in my bedroom tallboy as I write this! Can't keep a good women down, but I'm taking it easy. Love Chris

by sdrise 10 Apr 2022

Chis I am so sorry you are going to miss your trip. Also it is terrible you are missing a lot . Mum is going to be on your mind every day too. I cared for my dad and know how it is with this terrible disease, My dad fought Assisted living but enjoyed it once he was there. My sister and I had to go there every day for meds, laundry, etc... I know how you feel.
Great idea on the phone. Prayers are coming your way . God never gives us more than we can handle. IT is hard sometimes but we get through it. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are all here for you all the time. Big hugs This too shall pass. Suzanne,

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Apr 2022

Oh! thanks Suzanne, it means the world to me to know that I've got caring women on here who know what I'm going through. I agree with you about what God can do for us. I am hoping that when it comes to Mum having to go into Assisted Living that she will not be so hostile towards going. Love Chris

by mariagiannina 10 Apr 2022

I think of you often Chris, wondering how Mum is going. We went through it with Dad years ago, he passed in 1991 aged almost 75, Mum was fine mentally, although she had bad arthritis, she passed in 2013 aged 92 1/2. There wasn't much help around in those days, so we did the best we could to help mum , until such time she had to put him into care when we couldn't manage at home anymore. I live almost an hour away, and I still had children at school, and a husband who worked long hours, so I couldn't be there every day. I couldn't move in with her to help with dad, but stayed on the weekends.
It is dreadful to watch them go through it, and it's so hard on the family, knowing we can't do anything.
I pray for God to give you strength and patience.
Please look after yourself. Take care and rest if you feel like it, don't push yourself.
My cousin has just had covid, and she complained of the extreme tiredness, and she sometimes slept all day, I checked on her everyday as she lives on her own.

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Apr 2022

Hi Mary, I must have a very mild dose as all I have is a stuffed up nose. I've got a nasal inhaler and that is helping. I don't have any other symptoms, it just feels like a normal cold.
I know what I am facing in the future and am not at all looking forward to it with Mum. Thanks for your wishes. Love Chris

by lerman 10 Apr 2022

Sending love from the other side of the earth 💕

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Apr 2022

Thanks so much Peggy, I appreciate all the love I can get. Love Chris