by noah 30 Mar 2022

Wanted to show you what we been up to this week .I am going to make the last family Quilt for Jesse my Grandson .In one year i have made 4 supper king quilts ,now ready to do Jesses .He is 17 and a Christian and he leads youth groups etc.He phones his Grampa John once a week and they are going threw the bible together .He reads to John and he explains it to him .

Anyways i wanted to put the Lord's Prayer in the middle of his quilt and no-way could i get it right So our Kim came to my rescue with her knowledge and helped this old girl out.She did an awesome job as lots of you who have been helped by her know.We at cute are truly blessed .


by toogie 08 Apr 2022

I love the Lord's prayer. This is perfect for his quilt. Good job girls and I wish Jesse all the best in his life's journey. It sounds like he is sure on the right path. -Toogie

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noah by noah 08 Apr 2022

Well said thanks Toogie xx

by worthy 31 Mar 2022

Want you to know how touched I am by the testimony about Jesse.
How precious that he and his Grandpa have bible study together on the phone. You 'old girl' as you call yourself are an encouragement to us all.
Wonderful design hope you show quilt when it is done, and bless Kim for coming to your rescue.

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noah by noah 31 Mar 2022

Yes she is a blessing to many .John is talking to Jesse tonight .God Bless

by sonjapotgieter 31 Mar 2022

That is such a Fantastic Relationship with his GramPa!!!Awesome..Going to be a Fantastic quilt!!

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noah by noah 31 Mar 2022

I hope sew got 2 blocks done gotta decide which i like best lol

by peafarm 31 Mar 2022

That is the truth about Kim. This passage verse will mean so much to Jesse as well as his super quilt from Grandma too. You go girl!!

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noah by noah 31 Mar 2022

Ah thanks my Pea Farmer:):)

by stork 31 Mar 2022

Wow! That is such a great design. What a gift your grandson has and he shares.

noah by noah 31 Mar 2022

yes 4 sure hope one day he becomes a preacher .He is thinking a policeman at the minute .Like his Dad .You call them State Troopers?

stork by stork 01 Apr 2022

Yes, PA calls them State Troopers but if they work for local government/towns they are policeman. He will surely be a wonderful addition to whatever line of work he choses.

by 02kar Moderator 31 Mar 2022

What a special quilt for a special grandson. I'm sure it will be treasured throughout his life. Kudos to you and Kim for being a great team. And yes, we Cuties are a blessed bunch.

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noah by noah 31 Mar 2022

Got Ja:):)

by pennifold 31 Mar 2022

Awesome work Carolyn and what an awesome Granny you are. I pray that he will cherish this quilt for the rest of his life. God bless him always. Love Chris

P.S. Thanks also to our wonderful Kim, always ready to lend a hand.

noah by noah 31 Mar 2022

Yes she sure is +++ she is excellent @ what she does .Every time i see her name i think of how she hates those jump threads/stitches

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 31 Mar 2022

Amen to that, Carolyn... those pesky jump stitches drive me crrrrraaaazzzzyyyy!!

by graceandham 31 Mar 2022

Carolyn, how wonderful that you put this model prayer at the very center of his quilt. I'm sure you have the rest of the quilt mapped out in your head already. Thanks Kim for helping out our friend with a perfect display.

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noah by noah 31 Mar 2022

I got the first block done and yes it is in my head no pattern lol