by SILOGIRL 15 Mar 2022

So my youngest is teaching herself how to bake from scratch! I did this apron for her! Haha


by airyfairy 18 Mar 2022

It is fun and such great work

by gerryvb 17 Mar 2022

great and funny !! love it, I can imagine she will love it too !

by peafarm 17 Mar 2022

Fantastic job and glad she is learning this skill. My 14 y/o granddaughter loves to bake so new Apron is for her birthday this August. She got a decorator tube set for Christmas from her mom and dad and told me she loves 'to Pipe' so that is what I plan on putting on the top of it with a fancy cupcake or cake. She wants a pocket also on the gathered skirt part. So, she shall have. Great job.

by pennifold 17 Mar 2022

That is gorgeous, I hope she appreciates you doing this for her. Love Chris

by basketkase 15 Mar 2022

What a darling apron...great job...

by dailylaundry 15 Mar 2022

So cute - she will love it!! Well done!

by sonjapotgieter 15 Mar 2022

Too Sweet!!Great work done!!!!

by noah 15 Mar 2022

Sounds good send her my way lol

by 02kar Moderator 15 Mar 2022

You folks are going to have a lot of ggodies and she is going to a best dressed baker to boot.

by pennyhal2 15 Mar 2022

What an unique apron! She's going to love it!

by justonlyme 15 Mar 2022

That is excellent! I love the colors and the combination of patterns. Great idea!!