by basketkase 13 Mar 2022

Been working for free today.....don't we all do that from time to time? This is a congrats package for Boom as he is now in remission (thank you for all your prayers) and he needs smaller clothes to wear, so am redoing some of his favorite shirts for him to wear to a business owner, he needs to look good! Most of these are 50,000 plus stitches, S0 I am sure he will appreciate!


by pennyhal2 14 Mar 2022

Great news! Fixing those shirts should keep you busy for a while. Thanks for the update!

by stork 14 Mar 2022

So good to hear about Boomer!!! Happy that you are doing this for him. God Bless you both

by sonjapotgieter 14 Mar 2022

Such Great News!!We Serve A Wonderfull Father Whom We All Love ..Great News and going to Love his New Wear!!!

by 02kar Moderator 14 Mar 2022

You are such a good friend. And you and Boomer have made my day to hear he is in remission. Give him a gentle hug from all of the Cuties.

by noah 14 Mar 2022

Good 4u .God is using you to bless him:):)

by sdrise 14 Mar 2022

Glad to hear Boom is in remission. How kind you are to redo his favorite shirts. He I going to be so surprised and love it. You are a wonderful lady!!

by pennifold 14 Mar 2022

How generous of you Vicki and I know Boomer will so appreciate your kindness. Love Chris

by graceandham 13 Mar 2022

I'm so glad to read of the remission. That's a lot to celebrate and you've done it your way. These look great.