by pennyhal2 13 Mar 2022

I've been noticing that some sites have changed their freebies to a "free club" with a membership that costs money to join. While I can understand some reasons for why they have chosen to do this, it has its down side for me. Free designs take me to sites that I've never visited before, and invariably, I add it to my list of sites that have designs that I like and will visit when looking for something to buy. I don't know if this an annual fee or once only fee. Has anyone actually purchased a membership to a site that does this?


by lidiad 15 Mar 2022

I agree with the other two Cuties. Many free designs don't appeal to me anymore and I don't download them "just because they are free".
Hugs, Lidia

by AuntAnnie 13 Mar 2022

Not only have some sites initiated "free membership clubs" other sites that offer free alphabets are now skipping letters. Originally it may have been only one letter skipped, now it is all vowels, every other letter, or a handful.

I previously, as well as currently, have a purchased annual membership. I appreciated the free designs I collected and had a desire to continue to support the site. However, I am not sure I will continue with the membership--not because of quality but because the designs being offered in the club have become less desirable to me

by graceandham 13 Mar 2022

It's just a way to say, free, but not really free. They can forget me. Free designs were originally a way to build your customer base and the "count" of people who come to your site each day, improving your value to advertisers and the price you could demand from advertisers.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 13 Mar 2022

What a great reply