by basketkase ( edited 09 Mar 2022 ) 09 Mar 2022

I tried to get this done for yesterday's "Womens Day" but alas couldn't get it done.....but is now done and I love it! This will be up on my website is called Ladys Day.......BTW.....the lady in purple has a light lavender stitch that attaches her earrings to the head......I had it in there and it disappeared......what the heck? So I redid it and the website one does have the earring connections...


by brodcrealine 15 Mar 2022


by sonjapotgieter 11 Mar 2022

Such an Awesome design!!Love it....Stunning!!!

by pennifold 10 Mar 2022

Oh! this is just gorgeous. I can see Carolyn (and me) in the Purple, Karen in the blue and Laura in the green! he he he. Actually more than likely I'd be in black and white.

Well done Vicki it's really cute and I love that they are having a little 'champers' love Chris

by peafarm 09 Mar 2022

Great design. Never heard of Women's Day or Ladies Day but this sure is a cute design for the Pals in our lives or girls in our family.

by dailylaundry 09 Mar 2022

How cute! A Girls Day Our!!! Hugs to you!

by noah 09 Mar 2022

Wouldn't that be nice to have a day out ,Way to cold for that here lol
Nice design

by 02kar Moderator 09 Mar 2022

How I would love a girls' day out with you and Suzanne. That would be as much fun as these 3 ladies in the design.

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