by sewmadau 06 Mar 2022

I have a question do you have to join Embroidery DK or can you just buy individual designs.

Also how do the designs stitch out


by graceandham 07 Mar 2022

I agree with crafter to download a free design and stitch it out. Too many of their designs look flat, or two dimensional, which means a design is only autodigitized, with no skill on the creator's part. It's been a long time or I would trace it back through mops' posts, but she gave us an excellent lesson several years ago with examples of auto-digitized, auto-digitized with some correction, and fully stitch by stitch digitized for a 3 dimensional perfect design.

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Mar 2022

I believe loriziegler may have thought about another embroidery company. Embroidery DK is a subscription based website. You can not buy individual designs. As far as knowing how their designs stitch out, I am of no help. Maybe someone else will be able to answer that question.
If not maybe use one of their free designs and see how they stitch out.

by loriziegler 06 Mar 2022

You can buy single designs or design sets or CDs or memberships! I have bought their CDS two different years worth of designs and they are awesome! They are well designed and stich out beautifully! They are a very generous website with their free hunts and designs daily also the last couple holidays they gave away free all of that holidays designs! I got quick responses from them also when i had and questions!

loriziegler by loriziegler 06 Mar 2022

sorry any questions! Hope this helps!

loriziegler by loriziegler 07 Mar 2022

I am sorry I thought you could buy a single design but you can buy every other way that I said! For example if you like a design set you can just buy that set! Since I had bought their CDs and certain design sets in the past I thought you could buy individual designs also! I agree with crafter 2243 try stitching out one of their freebies and see what you think! I have been very pleased with everything that I have gotten there through the years!

loriziegler by loriziegler 09 Mar 2022

I went back and checked with my sometimers aka brain fog and realized I was wrong twice! It was design by sick that I got confused with the one you were asking about DK! Sorry for the misinformation my mind is sure not what it used to be!