by noah 01 Mar 2022

Here is the snow we got this winter Way to much and it snowed 2 more inches today :(:(They are talking about getting big machines in here. You can't see at any corner .First picture is my house .The rest are my walk around the town and 6,000 steps later .Got 26 pictures lol

John is waiting for me to get the mail on the side of the road .The hi-way is good after the big blizzard we had .We got 18 inches of snow in two days :(:(.It is still really cold at night but in the daytime gets up to around -10 c. with the sun shinning it is perfect .Last night it was -33 c.Thanks for LQQKING Hugs and enjoy your sun:):)


by pennifold 02 Mar 2022

Hi Carolyn, it’s just so amazing to see so much snow. I love seeing how your area looks. Great to see you can get out and about. Love Chris

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noah by noah 04 May 2022

Yes we are used to it :):)

by noah 02 Mar 2022

Thanks For LQQKING Hugsxx

by toogie 02 Mar 2022

It looks way too cold for me! Not only that, there is danger of falling. It is good to see John is able to get out with you, though. Pictures are always so welcome and pretty.

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noah by noah 02 Mar 2022

Thanks he feels good this winter except he's unhappy about his weight going down and mine up lol

by 02kar Moderator 02 Mar 2022

I'm glad you are able to get out and about. You must be looking forward to seeing green again after this long stormy winter.

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noah by noah 02 Mar 2022


by asterixsew Moderator 02 Mar 2022

Thanks for your photos. Your weather is unimaginable to me for the length of the winter. Have you had more snow than usual this winter? I have had a warmer but wetter winter with occasional very windy times when we have been asked to stay in and hopefully be safe

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noah by noah 02 Mar 2022

yes more then normal Way to much

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Mar 2022

Oh dear. That looks cold. I think they should build a pipeline, melt it and send it to parched California

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noah by noah 02 Mar 2022

yes i would agree lol