by sdrise 30 Jan 2022

We got through another Blizzard that dumped 2 feet

(24 inches ) of snow on us Yesterday with high winds and snow drifts. Thankfully we did not lose power. Now to go out and dig ourselves out.. A task I do not look forward to. Suzanne


by basketkase 31 Jan 2022

Oh my, Suzanne....that is way too much snow to deal with! Do you have someone close that can come help with a plow? I agree with Karen that so thankful you didn't lose heat/power....please take care and pace yourselves while shoveling........much love 💜

by pennifold 30 Jan 2022

That is amazing Suzanne, I can't imagine seeing that much snow fall in such a short period of time. Hope you are all ok. Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 30 Jan 2022

I'm so glad you made it through that storm with power and heat. We had followed the progress of this storm for the past week. Please be careful shoveling.

by airyfairy 30 Jan 2022

Keep safe and warm.

by graceandham 30 Jan 2022

So glad you have power. A warm house, hot shower, and hot meals, plus communication with the outside world while yours is sparkly. Hope you get to enjoy the beauty while you do the drudgery.