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by toogie ( edited 17 Jan 2022 ) 15 Jan 2022

UPDATE BELOW-in comments-I put in wrong place

Hello Cuties, my sister Sharon Sue has been in the hospital since before Christmas. (Not Covid) She is being taken off life support today. Please pray for her only child Chuck and Sheila, our oldest sister. I am okay. Sue has been ready ‘to go home’ for a long time, always having health issues, so I feel peace about her. Doctors says a few hours or few days, one can’t say. ❤️Toogie


by airyfairy 20 Jan 2022

I so hope she continues to get better

by basketkase 19 Jan 2022

Oh very sorry to hear this and prayers for all and blessings!

by MamawKat 18 Jan 2022

🙏🙏🙏 for her child, you and your family!!!

by 02kar Moderator 18 Jan 2022

I'm glad you managed to get to Facetime with Sue. I know you needed to see her and tell her how much she is loved.

I couldn't help but chuckle seeing you say you would not stop pinning large quilts. Hopefully, you will find a way to do this without hurting your back. I wish I could tell you how to do it, but maybe someone has already figured out a way and will tell us all how to do large quilts.

Don't you worry about individual responses. You spend your time and energy getting that spine happy again. It is awful to live with constant pain.

by hightechgrammy 18 Jan 2022

Oh, Toogie, I am so sorry. Prayers for you and her family. Hugs, Jan

by toogie 17 Jan 2022

Dear Cuties, after receiving a phone call from a fellow Cutie, I thought I needed to update all of you.
Yesterday I got to Face Time Sue. I spoke shortly with, or rather to, her. I asked if she understood me, to which when Chuck told her to nod or blink, she squeezed her eyes tight. He said her blood pressure was good, too.
Today Chuck said she was awake and spoke enough to tell him she loved him.
Who on earth knows, she may pull through, I sure don't know. Sheila, my other sister, is a retired nurse and she said sometimes they get better, before the end.
I told Angie, I am down with my back again, because I got down on the floor pinning another quilt top. Maybe one day it will sink in my hard head, I can't do it this way anymore. I just don't want to quilt a large quilt and find I have pinched the back. Small quilts I put on my big table but Angie is confident I can do a large one too. My hub says so too. I know I have to do it another way or stop making bed size quilts and we all know that's not gonna happen.
Well, just wanted to check in and update. I really do apologize for not taking the time to answer each comment.Please excuse me. I have read each comment and I do so appreciate each of you and all your comments. I am on my computer and I can't sit very long here with my back aching. Just know it means a lot to me, when others take time to show they care for me, like I do care for all of you. Love to all-Toogie

by clintonmiss22 17 Jan 2022

Praying for you and your family on this difficult day. Knowing she is ready to meet Jesus helps, doesn't it?

by sewpam 17 Jan 2022

Will keep your sister and family in prayers.

by sebsews 17 Jan 2022

Sending prayers to you and your family.

by dlonnahawkins 17 Jan 2022

So sorry to hear this Toogie, but she seems to be at peace with this. This has been a rough year so many sad issues evolving. Cyber Hugs.

by shirley124 16 Jan 2022

Sending prayers for you all. Hugs

by stork 16 Jan 2022

Toogie, So sorry to hear. Prayers for you and the family. Never an easy decision but life throws us all those curves. We brought my SIL home under hospice care on Tuesday. She has lupus, kidney failure and some other stuff going on but she states she is ready to go too. Prayers!

by sewdoctor 16 Jan 2022

I'm so sorry......prayers for your family

by 02kar Moderator 16 Jan 2022

I'm so very sorry. It's never easy to say goodbye to a loved one. But what an incredible reunion you will have in Heaven. You and your family certainly have my prayers for peace, comfort and wisdom during this sad time.

by sdrise 16 Jan 2022

Prayers are with you and the family. So sorry to hear the news. hugs

by momac 16 Jan 2022

Toogie, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Hugs from Maureen

by mariagiannina 16 Jan 2022

Toogie, thinking of you all at this difficult time.

by loriziegler 15 Jan 2022

Prayers for her and you and your family!

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Jan 2022

I will do that. Sending you hugs.

by sewmadau 15 Jan 2022

You and your family are in my thoughts.

by graceandham 15 Jan 2022

Praying with you through this difficult and sad time for you all. Praying for Chuck and Sheila and all your crew, as you deal with the realities and petty details necessary to be dealt with at death. Treasure your memories and hug your loved ones. So glad to know you are all right (strong) at this time, but remember you are human, too. May grace be present.

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graceandham by graceandham 16 Jan 2022

:) Still with you.

by pennifold 15 Jan 2022

Dear Toogie, I'm so sorry to read this, but your whole family is one of faith and it's good to know that Sharon is ready to meet her Father in heaven. Peace be with you and all your loved ones. Sending huge hugs across the miles, love Chris

P.S. I'm just off to Church so will light a candle for her. xoxoxoxo

by dailylaundry 15 Jan 2022

Oh, Toogie, of course Chuck, Sheila, you - your whole are in my prayers! Loads of hugs!! Laura

by asterixsew Moderator 15 Jan 2022

Toogie thinking about you all