by bemara 15 Jan 2022

Am just about to make a gift for a friend, the bee is beautiful but with ten cm too big, must keep looking...


by basketkase 16 Feb 2022

Beautiful stitching........

by arisann 16 Feb 2022

It is a nice one!

by lisaatwell1984 27 Jan 2022

Sue Box once had nice bee designs might try there.

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bemara by bemara 27 Jan 2022

thank you very much, I have discovered the bees, super- I like them very much, thank you ! :-) hugs Maria

by justonlyme 17 Jan 2022

If you are still looking, there are some pretty realistic ones on Their "save the bee" design comes in four sizes.

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bemara by bemara 17 Jan 2022

Thanks for the tip, I found two great files - 15 dollars each, too much for me. but a huge selection, felt twenty percent I have..... only unfortunately the fewest are honey bees, since my girlfriend is beekeeper, they should not be a caricature. I have now embroidered other things, I show the days, thank you very much

by enchantedstitches 16 Jan 2022

Check Embroiderylibrary, I bought realistic insects files from them.

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bemara by bemara 17 Jan 2022

Thanks for your advice, I bought them and also from some other companies, unfortunately they are not as beautiful as I had hoped, but I have found other designs...

by sonjapotgieter 16 Jan 2022

Wow!!!Stunning Bee design!!

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bemara by bemara 17 Jan 2022

Thank you Sonja, hugs Maria

by pennifold 15 Jan 2022

Hi Maria, there is a cute one on here - URL listed below, love Chris

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bemara by bemara 16 Jan 2022

thanks for the link, but this bee looks too cute, I need realistic bees, my friends have a large apiary . . .

by peafarm 15 Jan 2022

That is a nice looking bee.

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bemara by bemara 16 Jan 2022

Yes it is rich in detail

by pennyhal2 15 Jan 2022

Well now, that is a gorgeous bee! I'm sure you'll find other uses for it. Just how big is it that makes it so large?

bemara by bemara 16 Jan 2022

Thank you Penny, yes I already have an idea..... it is 9,4 x 5,8 cm

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 29 Jan 2022

Wow! That is large. Do you have software to resize it? It can be difficult to make it smaller and still look right.

by sewhobby 15 Jan 2022

Where is he from?

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bemara by bemara 15 Jan 2022

don't know anymore, a seven years old freebie . .