by SILOGIRL 14 Jan 2022

I am not sure why it scared me so much to try to do these toilet paper designs! I figured I should at least try!


by justonlyme 17 Jan 2022

TP embroidery is fun. But it is even more fun to bring the embroidered TP to craft shows, and listen to folks trying to figure out how you got the whole roll under the needle. :) My embroidered TP has always been the fastest selling product I ever make.
You did a great job!!

by graceandham 17 Jan 2022

Welcome to a great site and a community.

by sonjapotgieter 16 Jan 2022

Gorgeous!!Great work!!

by peafarm 15 Jan 2022

Toilet paper is fun to do. Great seller at craft shows. Great job.

by pennyhal2 15 Jan 2022

Now that is a great stitchout on toliet paper! After I learned to do that, I started collecting tp designs. I was surprised that there are so many out there.

by noah 14 Jan 2022

Easy peasy right?lol Welcome to cute:):)

by pennifold 14 Jan 2022

Congratulations on giving it a go, I've never done it. Welcome to this community, love Chris, Newcastle, Australia.

by stork 14 Jan 2022

This is so good. I haven't tried the tp embroidery yet either but this is wonderful. Great job! Welcome to our cute family! Tonya

by asterixsew Moderator 14 Jan 2022

Welcome to Cute. Congratulations on being successful in embroidering on loo paper and your efforts look great

by missqueenbee47 14 Jan 2022

so cute

by 02kar Moderator 14 Jan 2022

I am so glad you tried. And I say you succeeded. Welcome to the Cute family and keep showing off your projects please.