by noah 8d ago

Hope you guys are enjoying the sunny south while we here in the wild Northern, Ontario are freezing :(:(LOOK this was at 10 this morning in the night it was like -40 f and -40 c there the same when it gets that low.


by loriziegler 4d ago

PA expecting 8 to 11 inches with 50 mph winds! I rescue bunnies and cats and dogs and ducks and my house is all electric no gas options in the rural countryside where I live! I am so worried we will freeze if power is out to long! I also have an outside water garden for Koi people did not want and I need electric to stay on so they do not suffocate! So many people are going to hotels but I cannot and would NEVER abandon my animals! Prayers to all who are in the path of the storm coming!

by noah 5d ago

It is worse this week like -45 at night .

by toogie 5d ago

I was curious about the inside temperature because I would have to have a warm place somewhere. The 20 Celsius is equal to 68 Fahrenheit , so that makes me feel a little better for you. The -33 is still too cold out at -27f !!! It’s 63f outside here today but it supposed to be colder tomorrow. Not nearly as cold as your place because I’d be extra white or purple all over!

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noah by noah 5d ago

This is at the very back of my house ,So it is cooler back there.Makes it nice for sleeping :):)hugs

by AuntAnnie 6d ago

Here in north Idaho, we determine it's cold when you sniff then your nostrils freeze together.

toogie by toogie 5d ago

Oh my!

noah by noah 5d ago

Well that happens almost daily here lol

by mops Moderator 7d ago

When I was in the far north of Norway 3 years ago the temperature was -20C around noon, sun shining, no wind. Good clothing and it was lovely.
Here it's +3C, misty and no sun yet. I think I prefer the cold + sun.
Don't know I would be so happy with your conditions!

noah by noah 7d ago

I am used to it .The wood stove keeps us warm .Outside you ware layers .Hugsxxxxx

jrob by jrob 7d ago

I'm not sure I could wear enough layers to be warm in those temperatures. It was 26°F this morning in North Georgia and I didn't love it! I guess we bloom where we're planted. :}

toogie by toogie 6d ago

I agree jrob!

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 6d ago

I can't remember what season it was last year but the max temperature for the day was at 1am , a first.It usually occurs in the afternoon.
Its so humid here now.Took the washing off the line the other day but didn't finish the ironing.A couple of days later when I ironed my husbands cotton pants they steamed.Either the ironing board or the pants absorbed the humidity.

toogie by toogie 5d ago

I hung wash on the line in Germany and when I brought it in I could stand my dresses up! They froze

noah by noah 5d ago

Toogie as kids we did this all the time and tried to guess which pants would fall over first lol

by fabricfairy 7d ago

Today in Perth Western Australia it is 103 deg , it has burnt all my husbands beautiful rose they look like the are potato chips such a shame they were lovely, to hot here to sew .

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noah by noah 7d ago

Oh boy come visit me .lol

by pennifold 7d ago

Now that is what I call good sewing weather. Keep warm and enjoy a hot chocolate (or something warming) by your fire/heater. I love seeing your temperature gauge. It's hot here again today and very humid!!! Love Chris

(On my phone history it came up that Trev and I were in Hobart this time last year, I remember it well). We were lucky to get away so much last year. Hoping for some more holidays away again this year.

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noah by noah 7d ago

Thanks my friend :):)Cool off come to Canada .

by crafter2243 Moderator 7d ago

WOW that is cold. Pile up your quilts on top of you and grab a good book.

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noah by noah 7d ago

I do love a good book .Thanks

by graceandham 8d ago

This is like, made up, Carolyn, right? I cannot imagine such a thing. Hoping your house is sturdily insulated! And I know your heart is warm, always... Take care. Miss seeing your cute Peeko pictures.

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noah by noah 8d ago

I miss my boy to No this heat is real life here in the North .Warmer tonight only -20 Hugs xx

by asterixsew Moderator 8d ago

Brrrr Carolyn I dont wish to imagine what its like in the temperatures that you have. Im not in the sunny south but at the moment were having a lot of rain and its constantly wet. Whatever the outside weather is for both of us at the moment its fine inside for our embroidery machines. Happy sewing and stay warm

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noah by noah 8d ago

You got it BUT i do walk a few miles in it daily o get the mail lol