by rescuer Moderator 01 Jan 2022

Happy New Year!!

My dear friends, I've been mostly absent from Cute for some time now. I've had some serious health troubles... not related to COVID19. I've given flowers and helped moderate but as I heal and get feeling better soon--I look forward to joining in more with my friends and the best parts of Cute.


by noah 09 Jan 2022

Oh So Sorry your ill hugs xx

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rescuer by rescuer 11 Jan 2022

Thank you

by dailylaundry 08 Jan 2022

I just saw this - so sorry for your health issues. Each day I pray that you feel better. Take it easy - rest when you need to and please follow any doctor's orders!! Hugs and prayers for you, my friend! Laura

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rescuer by rescuer 09 Jan 2022

My sons take good care of me and 1 has made it his mission to insist I follow the doctors orders. Thank you for the prayers.

by basketkase 08 Jan 2022

Oh my goodness....I pray you are doing so much better now! Miss your wisdom & advice!

rescuer by rescuer 09 Jan 2022

I am healing... and thankfully, so are you!

basketkase by basketkase 09 Jan 2022


by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Jan 2022

Happy New Year my friend. I know I am late. I am so glad you are feeling better and well enough to chime in. I hope that 2022 will be a better year for you. You were missed around here.

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rescuer by rescuer 05 Jan 2022

Thank you my friend

by mops Moderator 03 Jan 2022

I miss you too! So glad you prioritized and looked after yourself last year. I sincerely hope 2022 sees an end to your health troubles.

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Jan 2022

I missed you!

by 02kar Moderator 02 Jan 2022

I'm so thankful you are taking care of YOU. You ave been struggling with serious health issues for too long and it was way past time you made yourself the priority. I hope your feel better and better more and more quickly now.

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Jan 2022

Thank you, I'm on the mend now.

by jrob Moderator 02 Jan 2022

New year, new beginnings, renewed health! I've missed you on here.

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Jan 2022

I've missed you!

by gerryvb 02 Jan 2022

sorry to read you had health problems, so I'm happy to read you are healing and feeling better , take the time to recover.....Hope 2022 will become a wonderful year for you ( and family and friends). lovely to see your rose avatar again, all the best for 2022 and hugs )))

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Jan 2022

Sending love to you. Thank you for always being a wonderful Cutie!

by dragonflyer 02 Jan 2022

Happy New Year, Angie...hope you are back in the pink soon....

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Jan 2022

Not Angie;) ...but each day I get stronger.

by bemara 02 Jan 2022

I wish you continued good recovery and strength that it goes upwards, hugs Maria

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Jan 2022

Thank you Maria

by pennifold 01 Jan 2022

Hi Rescuer, I only commented the other day in a post that it was nice to see your avatar back on here. I do hope your health issues dissipate soon and that you can return to our beloved site. Love Chris, Newcastle, Australia

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Jan 2022

Conversations were hard for me to keep up due to medication among other things. I'll try to do better.

by graceandham 01 Jan 2022

God bless you for sticking with us!

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Jan 2022

Thank you for being part of us!

by toogie 01 Jan 2022

So sorry to hear you’re unwell. I do hope you’re on the mend and so glad it wasn’t Covid. Hope your new year is a better one than this past one.

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rescuer by rescuer 03 Jan 2022

I've been ill for some time. Some of it I am stuck with but the more serious bit is getting better every day.