by SUEF 20 Dec 2021

Hi Everyone, Does anyone recall downloading free penguin embroidery designs that were low stitch count due to the swirly type of fill stitch. I cannot seem to find where I saved it by using the search feature and have been trying to find it by who offered the free design, but no luck yet. I was hoping to stitch it on a child's

PJ top I am sewing. Thank you very much for your help!! Sue


by sewtired 10 Apr 2022

Designs by Sick has some swirly penguins and I also received a free set of swirly penguins from Artistic Thread Works, though that site seems to no longer exist. She does have a new site : https://hollysembroiderydesigns.c... Good luck locating your designs.

by marianamin2003 01 Jan 2022

Embroidery Library had a free penguin design awhile ago. I stitched it out on a pillowcase and it was perfect.

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SUEF by SUEF 04 Jan 2022

Thank you. I will take a look.

by dday 21 Dec 2021

It might be Tattered Stitch (

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SUEF by SUEF 04 Jan 2022

Thank you!

by rachap 21 Dec 2021

some time those designs are referred to as ripple stitches, maybe you could search using that term
Good Luck I know it is frustrating to know you have something but can't find it!!!!

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SUEF by SUEF 04 Jan 2022

Thank you! I will give that a try.

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Dec 2021

Cuties some suggestions have been removed by moderators as the sites that suggestions are appearing from are sites that dont adhere to copyright

by graceandham 21 Dec 2021

Just a thought, Vicki "Basketkase" had a lot of these swirl designs, flowers and such. Maybe check at Designs by Basketkase.

by topcat5 20 Dec 2021

In 2020 Pumpkin Patch offered 9 free Block of the Month designs of penguins. They are for sale now, but perhaps this is where you obtained them. Good Luck.

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SUEF by SUEF 20 Dec 2021

Thank you! Pumpkin Patch is not a site I am familiar with. I will take a look.