by dollygk 22 Nov 2021

Cuties, My daughter had asked Vicki (basketcase) to digitize a design from a picture and asked me to stitch it out. The digitizing was really great and stitch out was good but the credit goes to my daughter who finished the results into a pillow. I love that the material is the same shade as the birds color!!


by cfidl 24 Nov 2021

Beautiful work y'all.

by pennifold 24 Nov 2021

That is beautiful Dolly. Well done to Vicki and your daughter for finishing it off. Love Chris

by justonlyme 23 Nov 2021

Oh wow. That is really cool. I love birds! This is a beauty! It sounds like teamwork put this one together. Very impressive!!

by noah 22 Nov 2021

Awesome work everyone and yes our Vicki does amazing work .Love it hugs Noah

by toogie 22 Nov 2021

Vicki has done amazing designing this! Of course you and your daughter's work is beautiful as well. Love the bird. Our honorary Cutie here-lol- aka my special needs granddaughter Avery, loves to listen to the birds.

by peafarm 22 Nov 2021

Love it and the colors. I love pillows anyways and watch birds outside all the time.

by sonjapotgieter 22 Nov 2021

Awesome design and work done!!!

by basketkase 22 Nov 2021

It was an honor to help memorialize this pretty bird......the pillow is adorable and your stitching is impeccable, Dolly....

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dollygk by dollygk 23 Nov 2021

Ahhh... you're sweet! Thank you for the help!!

by 02kar Moderator 22 Nov 2021

You three made a great team. As always, Vickie's digitizing is amazing and you did a super stitch out. I hope she gets many compliments on this pretty pillow.

by bemara 22 Nov 2021

The budgie looks great, great teamwork, hugs Maria