by mops 20 Nov 2021

Neighbour ordered 2 hand-towels with their family design. Did those for the first time in 2008 and updated the file several times.

I had not used that machine for ages as I have been sewing a bit and knitting a lot.


by dailylaundry 07 Dec 2021

I just saw them! Martine, they are so awesome. Your neighbor must be so pleased! Well done! Hugs, Laura

by airyfairy 29 Nov 2021

You have certainly not lost your touch. There are lovely.

by pennifold 23 Nov 2021

Beautiful work on these Martine, I'm sorry I missed seeing these 3 days ago. Lovely story about the family too. Love Chris

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mops by mops edited 24 Nov 2021

Thanks Chris. It must score pretty high on the 'what's the strangest thing you were ever asked to embroider' list.

by toogie 23 Nov 2021

These are great! The lady and family too, must like your work because they keep giving you orders. Well done!

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mops by mops 24 Nov 2021

Thank you Toogie. It gets a bit boring in the end, I prefer a challenge now and then.

by peafarm 22 Nov 2021

These are fabulous!

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mops by mops 23 Nov 2021

Thank you.

by pennyhal2 22 Nov 2021

They will enjoy having them...and...they will love them so much that they will use them for display as they are so perfect!

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mops by mops 23 Nov 2021

Thank you.

by basketkase 22 Nov 2021

Gorgeous stitching and design, Martine....

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mops by mops 23 Nov 2021

There is quite a story about this design. First time I made them it was just on towels for her 5 grandkids. That same month she asked if I could make a cloth to cover a coffin as her husband was dying. Needed to be green and not black or purple and she wanted the design on it. So I phoned a local undertaker and asked if he could advise me on measurements. As it was the day after Christmas I could get green satin and used the wrong side of the fabric. Finished just in time. After the funeral family members wanted towels and since then my neighbour regularly asks for more as a gift. I think (read: hope) she will run out of family members who have not had one yet;)

by mops Moderator 22 Nov 2021

Thank you all for your kind comments!

by worthy 20 Nov 2021

Those are so beautiful . Great detail.

by dragonflyer 20 Nov 2021

Beautiful stitch outs!

by sebsews 20 Nov 2021

Very nice!

by sonjapotgieter 20 Nov 2021

They look Stunning!!!

by teun 20 Nov 2021

Lieve Martine
die zijn heel mooi geworden,

by bemara 20 Nov 2021

Great job Martine, hugs Maria

by noah 20 Nov 2021

They will love them I do!!!! Hugs xx

by jenne 20 Nov 2021

These are nice, love to see some of your knitting, something I admire . since I can only do the knit and pearl stitch and that not very well.