by AuntAnnie 29 Oct 2021

I want to safely return to the "outside" world along with everyone else, so I have done the easiest thing to make that a reality by receiving my Covid-19 booster. The side effects are extremely mild when compared to being stricken by the deadly virus. Please join me in getting a first, second, or third dose.


by basketkase 02 Nov 2021

Jim and I are getting our boosters on Thursday.....we certainly don't want the nightmare of dealing with covid either......what a nightmare that would be!!

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AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 02 Nov 2021

Have some feel-good soup ready for your recovery period.

by dlonnahawkins 01 Nov 2021

My hubby and I both have had our booster....we did it so that we can continue to be around our little babies...with a little preemie to care for, and a very active 4 year old great-granddaughter, we wanted to protect them. We have had two little great-grandson contract the virus from their day care, so think of those you love, and want to be with....get the shots if you are able.

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AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 01 Nov 2021

I'm hoping my granddaughters will receive the vaccine soon now that 5-11-YOs are eligible! Our local hospital will be holding a pediatric Covid clinic this week.

by airyfairy 01 Nov 2021

First of all a BIG thank you to everybody who has had the Covid jab. DH and I will be getting our booster shot in February. Being in S. Africa we are a bit behind.
I so want to be able to visit our children and grandchildren in far off lands.

AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 01 Nov 2021

Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will prevent your boosters in February!

airyfairy by airyfairy 02 Nov 2021

Thank you

by sewtired 31 Oct 2021

Got the first 2 doses as soon as they were available here (very minor side effects), but it will be awhile before I get the booster. I got my first Shingrix shot the 2 of this month and I've been waiting for my arm to stop itching and the big red patch to go away. Then I'm getting my flu shot. The booster will have to come after that.

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AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 31 Oct 2021

I had a bad reaction to the old shingles vaccine about 10 years ago. Was informed that it shouldn't be bad with the "new" Shingrix vaccine.

by dailylaundry 30 Oct 2021

My hubby and I receive our booster shot on Tuesday. Felt bad on Wednesday, much better on Thursday and back to normal on Friday. We are so fortunate to have it available when many countries do not. My daughter and bonus son attended a memorial today for his Aunt, who at 52 passed away from Covid. She did not get vaccinated. I feel so bad for him and is family. So sad. Hugs and love to all, Laura

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AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 31 Oct 2021

I am so sorry to hear about your "bonus son's" aunt. Blessings to everyone close to her.

by sewpam 30 Oct 2021

It is a good feeling to know we are protected to get back to normal. I also got the Covid booster and Shingles booster same day. I was very sick for half a day and did not feel good for two more days. I do not plan getting two shots in one day again, since there is no way knowing, which one or the combination of shots made me sick.

AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 30 Oct 2021

I was not allowed to get the flu and Shingles shot at the same time and advised to wait at least 2 weeks. It will be another 2 weeks now before getting my Shingles vaccine.

sewpam by sewpam 30 Oct 2021

They would not give flu and Shingles together, but Covid and Shingles was ok. I will never get two shots in one day again.

by toogie 29 Oct 2021

We will be getting our booster. We took the first 2 back in Feb/ March and when I went to dr the other day for my back, we both took the flu shot. Mild side effects are no comparison to death of my friends and cousins. Good for you!

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AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 30 Oct 2021

My first 2 shots were also in Feb and March.

by graceandham 29 Oct 2021

Glad you had a good experience.

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AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 30 Oct 2021

I suffered from chills and sore arm once again the following day. But not nearly as achy as what followed the 2nd shot.

by crafter2243 Moderator 29 Oct 2021

I am lucky. I had all the Covid shots required plus the flu shot along with the booster and was a little tired that is all. Some people are having flue like symptom's for a day, but that is a lot better then getting Covid. Good for you to making yourself safe.

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AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 30 Oct 2021

Definitely! One day of minor discomfort will always be better than the possibility of what devastating experiences one might have with no vaccine.