by stork 20 Oct 2021

Please pray for those kidnapped in Haiti. A friend of ours sister and 2 small kids are some of those missing. Thank you. Tonya aka stork


by sewtired 21 Oct 2021

The whole country needs our prayers. We need to pray for those endangered by these gangs and all their loved ones. We also need to pray that these gang members may see the error of their ways and stop terrorizing others.

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stork by stork 22 Oct 2021


by stork 21 Oct 2021

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers. Her family is feeling very helpless at this time and is leaning strongly on the Lord's guidance and will.

by 02kar Moderator 21 Oct 2021

Thanks for sharing this. We have been praying for them and watching the headlines. I'm so very sorry for both the adults and especially their children and all of their loved ones to have to go through this. Please share any news you have to keep us aware and praying.

by pennifold 21 Oct 2021

Just prayed for all the people who have been kidnapped. Such terrible happenings going on in the world. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Oct 2021

Absolutely Tonya. I have been praying for all of them.

by toogie 20 Oct 2021

We've been watching and trying to keep up. This is a horrible situation. People are heartless and their greed for money,power, makes them do anything. It is stressful enough for the grown-ups and to be worried about your children's fate too, is just too much. Yes, they need all our prayers.

by loriziegler 20 Oct 2021

Prayers from PA!

by dailylaundry 20 Oct 2021

Of course, Tonya - they are in my prayers! A special cyber hug for your sister's friend! Laura