by anitapatch 19 Oct 2021

Made a ball Montessori yesterday for a baby. A friend of my daughters is going to give birth to a girl soon


by dailylaundry 21 Oct 2021

I have seen these - but always felt they looked too hard to stitch! I will take a look at the youtubes you posted - thanks for that!! Well done! Hugs, Laura

by cfidl 19 Oct 2021

That is really cool. It looks hard to make.

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anitapatch by anitapatch 19 Oct 2021

quite easy

by dragonflyer 19 Oct 2021

I am sure it will be well loved!

by toogie 19 Oct 2021

I remember these! I haven’t made any but I remember they are easy for a baby to grasp and hold onto. Good job! Do you have a link for the pattern?

anitapatch by anitapatch 19 Oct 2021

One is easier to do. I had not foam inside . Don´t know the name in english. in spanish relleno suelto