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by airyfairy ( edited 5d ago ) 5d ago

Hi Cuties,

My daughter has just sent these school photos through of the twins. I only saw them in August before they left for UK, I cannot believe how grown up they look. They will be 13 years on 5th. November. It will be strange not being with them for their birthday.

They still have not found a house, so they have decided to rent until they find something they really like. Meanwhile their furniture and belongings sit at Cape Town docks.


by dragonflyer 16h ago

My how they have grown up right before our eyes... I know you will be able to see them soon...hold that thought....just be grateful that you have such wonderful grandchildren...

by arisann 17h ago

Beautiful says it all!

by cfidl 4d ago

Wow, where have I been, they look so grown up. You are blessed with beautiful grandchildren.

by pennifold 4d ago

Oh! my, haven't they matured so beautifully Sarah? I do hope that they can find a home soon, as it will settle them all down better.. Big hugs to you too and the family, love Chris

by shirley124 4d ago

Lovely photos. 💕

by dragonflyer 4d ago

Beautiful photos, Sarah...they grow up so fast...

by dailylaundry 5d ago

Oh my Mr. Handsome and Miss Beautiful. How fast they are growing up. Such lovely pictures. It must touch your heart! Thirteen is such a transitional stage for kiddos. But, Georgie looks so serious in her picture - it makes you wonder what she is thinking about! Please send them our love (from the Cute Community!!). Bunches of hugs to you as I bet you could use them! Laura

by 02kar Moderator 5d ago

It's hard to believe they will be 13. It has been such fun to watch them grow up. My prayers are added for them to find a house and be able to settle in to their new country. I know you miss them so much as so many of us miss our families. Hopefully we will be able to see our loved ones soon.

by bemara 5d ago

The two already look so grown up, i keep my fingers crossed for a nice house so that everyone feels at ease, hugs Maria

by graceandham 5d ago

They have that sort of child, sort of adult, exactly 13 look. Love the picture of the two of them. I know you must miss them so much and I hope the pictures help.