by gerryvb 11 Oct 2021

Posting for October 11

Here is the posting for the Daily Quote , I hope you have or had a lovely MONDAY, I will leave tomorrow early in the morning........
And I hope to meet you here again , when
I'm back home from vacation...... ! THANK YOU miss Veronika for giving us the possibility to post links to other sites here too


by Renga 14 Oct 2021

Happy vacation and safe return home.
Thanks for the links and the cute photos

by sdrise 12 Oct 2021

Thank You!!

by graceandham 11 Oct 2021

Love your kitty packing himself picture. I have had two that do that and it is really hard to get them out of the suitcase because they realize that's where your attention is and because they have seen that thing before and they know I'm going away briefly. So, the goal is to prevent you from packing OR to be packed and taken along!

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gerryvb by gerryvb 12 Oct 2021

thank you for your advice and story...

by lindaavolio 11 Oct 2021

Thank you Gerry

by gerryvb 11 Oct 2021

daily quote for october 11:
“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”
Les Brown

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mops by mops 11 Oct 2021

Still setting goals for myself :)