by AuntAnnie 29 Sep 2021

When did you last have your very own "comedy of errors?"

About a month ago, I contacted by optometric provider about a bad scratch on my lens--so bad that I could actually see the scratch at certain times.. They were to order me new lenses. Weeks passed without word from the optometrist's office so I once again made contact with them inquiring about the delay. Somehow the order got "lost" between them and the manufacturer so they had to reorder the lenses. Yesterday I received word that my new lenses arrived and I made arrangements to have them replaced. Right? Well, because there were no changes made to my prescription and they polish up the lenses nice, everything "looked" good. Unfortunately, after I got home, I noticed that the scratch was still there!!! Of course this happened after business hours. A text message last night and phone call this morning to complain ultimately reveals that, indeed, the old lenses had been removed and put back into my frames. The optometrist's staff actually did a dumpster dive to retrieve my new lenses. Keeping fingers crossed this time...


by toogie 01 Oct 2021

Oh my goodness! It sounds like the one ‘replacing’ the lens needs glasses! Hope they find the new ones … with no scratches!!!!

by sewmadau 30 Sep 2021

Pleased to see (no pun intended) you have your glass's and life is looking rosy.
Years ago I decided I would love to be glass's free, off I went to the optician and asked for "those lenses you put in your eyes, at the time I could not remember what they were called. I must add I am very, very short sighted, so when they arrived I was thrilled the thrill turned to misery the very clever optician had some how order two left eyes. Not a good start, it worked out in the end. I now wear glass's again. "G"

by AuntAnnie 30 Sep 2021

Update: new lenses are in their frames. I took a good look at them this time before leaving. The technician who made the initial error was very apologetic and I could tell he was embarrassed as well.

toogie by toogie 01 Oct 2021

I bet he was! I hope you don’t live too far out because that’s a lot of trouble for you.

AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 01 Oct 2021

Next town over--about 15 miles.

by sewtired 29 Sep 2021

It seems to be the rule now more often than the exception. I'm afraid there are far too many folks to whom a job is just a way to earn a living, and there is no attention to detail or craftsmanship, present company excluded. it seems the folks on this website are very attentive to detail and craftsmanship. My daughter just got new glasses, but the lab broke the frames she chose and they are discontinued, so a new one is not available. She had to settle for a different frame and is so disappointed.

by noah 29 Sep 2021

Wow hat fun you been having lol hugsxx

by dailylaundry 29 Sep 2021

Wow, good luck, I hope they find your new lenses! Hugs, Laura