by AuntAnnie 11 Sep 2021

FOUND THEM!!! My lost scissors have been located on the edge of a fabric tub. I forgot about cutting a piece of the vinyl poster to start planning on how to use it for Halloween bags. Because of the size of the vinyl, I cut it on the floor rather than on my cutting table. I placed the scissors "out of the way" on the tub.

Thanks to all who said prayers--they worked!--and offered suggestions on where to look. Now, I must get back to making some cloth masks.


by kustomkuddle 21 Sep 2021


by graceandham 12 Sep 2021

That was quick! Congratulations on finding them.

by airyfairy 12 Sep 2021

Great news 😁

by babash 12 Sep 2021

Glad you found your scissors but why on earth would you be cutting vinyl with them.

AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 12 Sep 2021

It is poster vinyl. Why should I not be using them?

babash by babash 12 Sep 2021

I never use my good fabric scissors for anything but fabric as they could get blunt.
Have others for paper or plastic or vinyl,
Maybe it is just me being fussy.

by pennifold 12 Sep 2021

That's great news Annie. Everything hides from us at some time!!! Love Chris

by shirley124 11 Sep 2021

Great news. Hugs

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Sep 2021

Yeah. Success. Thanks for sewing masks.

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AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 12 Sep 2021

I make them regularly for family members using my own modified pattern adjusted for different sized faces. One of my sister's friends liked hers so well that I have been asked to make some for each of her granddaughters--about the same age of my own--who must wear masks at school.

by 02kar Moderator 11 Sep 2021

Hurray! Prayers do work.

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AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 12 Sep 2021

They sure do!

by jenne 11 Sep 2021

Feels good when lost things are found, glad u found them.

by dailylaundry 11 Sep 2021

Good to hear!! It happens to me quite often!