by mops ( edited 09 Sep 2021 ) 06 Sep 2021

At last I embroidered a few things. Our open air swimming pool closes on the 12th to reopen in May.

The small group early morning swimmers end the season with coffee and cake plus a gift for the 'badjuf' (life guard). There are 4 on rotation so I made them these (and two more hidden underneath).
Hope they like them.

Well, I gave them this morning, everyone loved them and the recipients were delighted. The treasurer (who did not get one) asked if I could embroider lots of them this winter :) I might contact her later.


by jrob Moderator 09 Sep 2021

I am sure that they will. They look fantastic. If you like, you can give them my contact information so I can tell them how much trouble those luxurious towels are to hoop.

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mops by mops edited 09 Sep 2021

Thanks! I hope I don't need to take you up on that :)

by lidiad 08 Sep 2021

They look great and professionally made, they will be delighted!
Hugs, Lidia

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mops by mops 09 Sep 2021

They were. Thanks.

by teun 07 Sep 2021

Hallo Martine
Die zien er heel mooi uit.

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mops by mops 07 Sep 2021

Dank je. Hoe gaat het bij jullie?

by dailylaundry 07 Sep 2021

What a kind thing to do!! Love the wave design - you are such a wonderful digitizer! I am certain that they loved their towels! Bunches of hugs to you!!

mops by mops 07 Sep 2021

Thank you. I like the logo too, nice wave, reminds me of the sea and high winds.
They get their towels next Thursday, I tell you their responses.

teun by teun 08 Sep 2021

Hallo Martine.
helemaal niet goed,op 24april is onze Christian aan alvleesklierkanker overleden,hij was nog maar 42 jaar.
Dat was een geweldige harde klap voor ons allemaal.
Met mojn gaat het ook achteruit.Lopen word nu ook minder.Wezijn niet meer op de camping,hebben de caravan verkocht.Ik kan ook niet lang weg van huis-Kan mijn man niet lang alleen laten, moet hem wassen en aankleden, op de wc enz.
En hoe is het bij jullie.

by babash edited 07 Sep 2021

They will be thrilled I am sure. Something that seems such a small offering from the giver is huge to the receiver. This way they know you appreciate them and their diligence while you swam.
Almost forgot the digitizing is very nice.

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mops by mops 07 Sep 2021

They have done a great job observing (and telling off) my hubby. He used to do 60 laps and after some medical issues can now do only 12, Although he turns dark blue in his face and ears he wants to do a sprint to finish and they don't allow it. So happy with them, especially when I don't accompany him.

by pennifold 07 Sep 2021

Hi Martine, these are beautifully digitised and so appropriate for Lifesavers. Great work, love Chris

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mops by mops 07 Sep 2021

Thanks Chris.

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Sep 2021

Do we take it that you also digitised the design too. I am sure your lovely work will be a great hit with the lifeguards

asterixsew by asterixsew 06 Sep 2021

I read the comments at the bottom after I had posted the above and see you had digitised the design. I often leave long gaps in between using my 6 needle machine and have to check how to use it too.

mops by mops 07 Sep 2021

I digitised their logo some years ago and embroidered it for someone who had done something very special - who loved it and used it a lot. Last year, however, they changed the logo, so I had to digitise the new one.

by noah 06 Sep 2021

Nice to see you embroidering something again .They will love them hugsxx

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mops by mops 07 Sep 2021

Thanks. I have been sewing quite a lot and playing with the fancy stitches on my machine, but the embroidery unit had a long rest.

by worthy 06 Sep 2021

So very thoughtful of you and definitely a lovely gift. They will love them.

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mops by mops 07 Sep 2021

Thank you.

by peafarm 06 Sep 2021

They will surely be surprised. They turned out so good. Great gifts.

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mops by mops 07 Sep 2021

Thank you.

by sonjapotgieter 06 Sep 2021

Beautiful gift for someone!!!Great work done!!!

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mops by mops 07 Sep 2021


by dragonflyer 06 Sep 2021

Nicely done.... I am sure they will be well received.

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mops by mops 07 Sep 2021

Thank you.

by pennyhal2 06 Sep 2021

What a great ending to the season! I'm sure the towels will be treasured and your kindness appreciated.

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mops by mops 06 Sep 2021

thank you.

by 02kar Moderator 06 Sep 2021

I have no doubt these towels (and you) will be loved. Enjoy the cake and coffee and hope there is something just as fun for the fall, winter and spring months.

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mops by mops 06 Sep 2021

Indoor things still have restrictions, alas. But we will think of something to keep fit.

by gerryvb 06 Sep 2021

wow, they are gorgeous, I 'm sure they will love them !!

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mops by mops 06 Sep 2021


by basketkase 06 Sep 2021

Martine, these are perfect......they are stitched impeccably too!!!

mops by mops 06 Sep 2021

I enjoyed digitising the logo. Used my 4-needle to sew them out. Had not used that machine for a long time, so I had to read the user manual to find out how to set the colours to the needles :) Hubby muttered some thing about old age.

graceandham by graceandham 06 Sep 2021