by sewmadau 16 Aug 2021

Just wanted to say hi to everyone, my reason being I have lost my voice and it is a real pain not being able to talk. LOL

We are not in lockdown, but we have closed our boarders to just about the rest of Oz.

The hospitality industry keeps asking everyone to holiday at home, well the other morning a lady phoned the radio station and said she had been to Broome for a holiday. The cost for two people was $1200 per day and the first morning they had breakfast which consisted of bacon fried bread and an egg, for the both of them it was $80, needless to say they did not eat at the motel for the rest of their stay. These prices are just outrageous. It is no wonder people go to Bali for holidays, before covid19 one could fly to Bali for $890 for a week.

Our son and DIL had a break away for a week and went to Busselton, they toured all around the Southwest and they assured us that they did not pay over the top prices. Margaret River is fully booked out but it is not that far from Busselton and having a car makes for a very enjoyable day out. Our DIL loves to cook so they stayed at a place with a kitchen. Me I like to be spoiled when I go away. LOL

Well my fingers did the talking and I feel heaps better. LOL


by pennifold 18 Aug 2021

HI sewmadau, we are in lock down now in Newcastle and listening to the radio today is so disheartening,. At least we're not having thousands like our American friends etc.,
I'm still allowed to go to Mum's which fortunately is only a 5 minute drive away, as I am her carer.
I hope you get your voice back soon, but take the time to heal and rest up. Love Chris

by graceandham 17 Aug 2021

Advice given to my first husband, who was a singer, for laryngitis: 1. Keep it wet - sugarless gum, small candies, water, water, water, other liquids. 2. Don't overly warm the throat in winter with heavy layers and scarves. 3. "Shut up." The advice came from his voice teacher who said it was $1,000 worth of advice from his ear-nose-and-throat doctors through the years.

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Aug 2021

I am so sorry about your voice. That must feel awful. It is sad that businesses feel they can raise the prices to make up for their losses. I actually can understand that, but so often they are not being lowered back. We are living in crazy times.

by 02kar Moderator 17 Aug 2021

You have my sympathy. I used to have chronic laryngitis. So I know how not fun it is to be voiceless. I hope your voice returns soon.

That is just plain crazy to be charging exorbitant prices. I have to admit, I am happy to stay home.

by marianb 17 Aug 2021

W.A sounds lovely maybe next year we can make it over. Here in Sydney we are still in lockdown, it's a shame people don't do the right thing and stay home we have had to miss 5 grandkids birthdays so far this year just hope it will ease before we have to cancel Christmas­čśó. Stay safe Marian

sewmadau by sewmadau 17 Aug 2021

If you manage to come over for a holiday let me know and perhaps we can meet up

marianb by marianb 18 Aug 2021

would love to

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Aug 2021

Its always good to talk here so glad you have found your voice. The UK is very busy for staycations this year and as I live in a tourist area it is often far too busy for comfort so come Market Day I stay at home. It is difficult for businesses as they have not had a income for ages and just want to get up and running again but overcharging isnt good

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sewmadau by sewmadau 17 Aug 2021

I still cannot talk, really strange no cold or a running nose just lost my voice. Our niece is in hospital and I cannot visit her, so I am emailing her every day. She has had a partial knee reconstruction, sent a picture of her legs, looks very painful, from what she said it is but they are giving her lots of pain killers.

by babash 17 Aug 2021

I am hoping to get to WA in the near future hopefully things will settle down a bit soon. Busselton is on my bucket list as I want to see the very long Jetty.
If we all do the right thing and wear masks and safe distance ourselves maybe the future will look better.

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sewmadau by sewmadau 17 Aug 2021

It would be lovely to meet up if you do come over.