by peafarm 03 Aug 2021

Beach Bag I made for my granddaughter who is turning 14. No pattern so step by step in my head thinking. First fabric I bought and after washing and drying felt like a sail on a boat, ugh. My daughter in law will wash this a lot and she does not iron anything so back to drawing board with fabrics. Hard to find around here too. I also used 2 new and different laundry bags [already had zippers in, ha, ha, but I had to stitch them securely and modify the length and width for bag. Then I made a hidden pocket under one and lined it with Rip Stop fabric--stuff they make flags out of and sort of water repellent. Pocket also on the back between the long straps. It is going out to her on Sunday and finally remembered to post something here. Oh I also put a separating zip in it so it opens fully.


by phone1lady 21 Aug 2021

Love the bag

by robertahilde 08 Aug 2021

Perfect for a young girl, your granddaughter will love it.
Hugs - Roberta

by noah 06 Aug 2021

You think real good in your head :):)Awesome job:):)Hugsxx

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peafarm by peafarm 17 Aug 2021

Sometimes I do is the key here. I had to think hard on this one. Make sure also the flamingo's were going in proper direction and not upside down. Glad I got it done before surgery. I can't even climb my stairs now for 6 wks maybe longer. She used it at my daughter's house for the first time for little get together swim thing with her little cousins. She does love it and so does mommy but mommy 'ain't' gettin one.

by stork 06 Aug 2021

cute. I love the zipper closure for the bag.

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peafarm by peafarm 06 Aug 2021

I have to admit I hadn't put in a separating zipper in so many yrs., not since I made myself 2 bomber jackets. Also the recessed zipper flaps--had to think that out then watch good ole YouTube videos to sort out what I wanted.

by jenne 05 Aug 2021

Such a nice bag, I believe you though of everything for this bag, great job.

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peafarm by peafarm 06 Aug 2021

Just didn't add any D rings for key fobs but I don't think she would want anything but those eyelet fobs with little beach tags anyways. Christmas stocking stuff for me. Nothing now for a while. SU on the 13th so wrapping up some loose ends now.

by toogie 05 Aug 2021

What a lovely bag P! I like the coral trim and handles and just love the flamingo fabric inside. Well done! Mine are often like yours, in my head!

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peafarm by peafarm 06 Aug 2021

I went in the store searching and searching and finally picked this and that and enough to think what to do. Our heads think a like them, lol. But, my brain is full steam ahead and my body say-no way.

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Aug 2021

Well done. Love the lining material . Granddaughter I am sure will love her new beach bag.

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peafarm by peafarm 06 Aug 2021

I searched for lighter weight beach theme fabric but none to be found. Finally yesterday new stock in at JoAnn Fabrics. Too late now but found some pretty cute ones 100%. Oh well, this all is light weight canvas with iron on Thermolam. Thank you

by dragonflyer 04 Aug 2021

Beautiful bag, Patti....Your granddaughter will love it!

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peafarm by peafarm 04 Aug 2021

I sure hope my images are showing up because if they are my computer is messing me up big time. They showed when I posted but not for me today. This is a problem I've had with a few Cuties projects, I can either see a thumbnail or not at all. Only Image #1 or #2 etc. I'm just glad to be done with it. Knee Replacement on the 13th--Yuck!

by sonjapotgieter 04 Aug 2021

Fantastic work completed in Bag..Stunning!!!

by basketkase 04 Aug 2021

This is such a terrific bag.....she will love it...

by 02kar Moderator 04 Aug 2021

You are very clever managing to do this bag without instructions. You did a super job. I love the beach colors. I think it's perfect.

by sebsews 04 Aug 2021

WOW what a great job! Granddaughter will love it for sure!

by lidiad 04 Aug 2021

You have don a great job. Patti and your granddaughter will be delighted!
Hugs, Lidia

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peafarm by peafarm 05 Aug 2021

Thanks Lidia, I sure had a time trying to find fabric sturdy but wash and dry-able. Flamingo's was the only soft canvas for beach theme. Not even a cotton print for beach to be found. Now when I don't need it I'll probably see it today while out.

by pennifold 03 Aug 2021

Great job all round Patti, your grandaughter is one lucky girl. I'm sure the stocking fillers suggested below would be well appreciated. Love Chris

by bevnorris 03 Aug 2021

Wow! Great "step by step in my head thinking"!! The fabric is perfect and the design very clever. Congratulations!

by shirley124 03 Aug 2021

Great bag. She will love it. Hugs

by babash 03 Aug 2021

Perfect for a teenager. At that age they get a bit fussy as to what they like but this is sure to be a hit.

I like what you have done with the colour combinations. Good job on this.

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peafarm by peafarm 03 Aug 2021

Thank you, my husband says she'll never be able to carry it since it is so large--I said big enough for rolled up beach towel, flip flops, snacks phone, keys and whatever but if she couldn't carry it her mama or daddy will. I bought what I could find because slim pickins around at this time.

by graceandham 03 Aug 2021

So girly, girly. She will enjoy it and want more coordinating items - hint, hint, Christmas idea...

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peafarm by peafarm 03 Aug 2021

Oh yeah---I had thought of that--I have enough for zipper bag, then key fobs or eyelets with beachy theme on ball chain etc. Stocking stuffer stuff.