by babash 23 Jul 2021

Quilt squares Table Topper

I needed something to put on my table and saw this quilt design I believe it is Wedding Ring. I am happy with how it turned out as a test run.
I started this a couple of months ago and thought I would do some other colours as well. May end up putting them all together and making a quilt. Not sure yet if that is what I will do with all these extras. Would I put a border around each set of 4 or just join them together?
Pic 1 is Table Topper
Pic 2 with jar of Flowers from neighbour
Pic 3 Completed 4 squares Blue
Pic 4 Other coloured squares not joined yet
Thanks for looking


by pennyhal2 08 Aug 2021

Yes, I think that they should end up in a quilt! I sure would worry about having such a variety in a quilt as all the various colors will give the eye something to discover and enjoy.

by rushyam 07 Aug 2021

looks great.

by peafarm 31 Jul 2021

This looks great. I still have a wallhanging in the works but put away from around the yr. 2014??? I can't even remember---I got so sick of it. Maybe after knee surgery and all the other little projects I've been trying to accomplish I'll start back up---only parts of the border to do but it is kind of like this quilt of yours, stitch fabric trim, satin or decorative stitch, then so on and so on.

by crafter2243 Moderator 28 Jul 2021

Well done. I will be curious how you will put together all the others. I love the table topper with the colors you chose.

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babash by babash 29 Jul 2021

So am I just can't decide on how to do it. I am not a quilter so just playing it by ear. Waiting for inspiration to hit.

by oaro 28 Jul 2021

Great job i like it

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babash by babash 28 Jul 2021

Thank you

by robertahilde 27 Jul 2021

Love the table topper. The color combination of all the squares is just perfect. Hugs

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babash by babash 28 Jul 2021

Thank you

by jenne 26 Jul 2021

Yes this the Double wedding ring I have pieced by hand this quilt a couple of times , I would like to try it on the machine your block look good, Wher did you find your design?

babash by babash 26 Jul 2021

The design is from Sweet pea embroidery. It is an Australian digitizer. There were also circles on the curved parts but I eliminated them.

jenne by jenne 27 Jul 2021

OK thanks.

by sonjapotgieter 25 Jul 2021

Such Gorgeous Blocks!!Well done

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babash by babash 26 Jul 2021

Thank you

by dailylaundry 24 Jul 2021

I love theses - well done!!

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babash by babash 24 Jul 2021

Thank you

by dragonflyer 24 Jul 2021

Lovely blocks, Barb!

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babash by babash 24 Jul 2021

Thank you so simple. Have to start using up all the fabric that is lying around.

by basketkase 24 Jul 2021

Simply gorgeous!!!!

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babash by babash 24 Jul 2021

Thank you

by 02kar Moderator 24 Jul 2021

You have been busy. They are all very pretty,

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babash by babash 24 Jul 2021

Thank you. I am lucky I can cut out and make a mess and shut the door and do a little when I have time or in the mood.

by toogie 24 Jul 2021

I like the top 2 colors. I am making a top with those colors but not ITH. Great job! It would take a lot of thread for a big quilt. How do I know? I made one before with regular thread on regular machine satin stitched.

babash by babash 24 Jul 2021

Yes I really like the black white and yellow combination myself.
It is a cheats way to do them in the hoop I am not smart enough to do half of what you do on a regular machine.

toogie by toogie 26 Jul 2021

Oh now, don't put yourself down. I know you can do excellent work. Every time your post comes up I think, I need to make me a topper like the black/white/yellow to go with the quilt top I am piecing. The pattern is not he same but I could use these colors because they are the same. Just love your topper!!!

by pennifold 24 Jul 2021

Great job Barb, I'm partial to the pretty blue ones. I think it would look lovely as a quilt. Love Chrois

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babash by babash 24 Jul 2021

Thank you