Colors: 21 

Letter D

Design #: 10957541
Price: $1.97
Design Details
Size (in): 3.86"(w) x 3.23"(h)
Size (mm): 98 x 82
Stitches: 15200
Colors: 21 Color Chart: View | Print
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fairyhousefont d
KlondikeKate by KlondikeKate 04 Jun 2021

Please vote for the letter Y. Internet service was down May 23rd for our whole area, thus I missed it. Thank you.

bigeyes618 by bigeyes618 04 Jun 2021

Please vote for Easter Alpha A. I'm voting for every one. Thank you.

bilkis by bilkis 04 Jun 2021

Please vote for O. Thank you.

mammabear416 by mammabear416 04 Jun 2021

Please vot
e for the letter H. Thank you

shellshocked by shellshocked 03 Jun 2021

Thank you

maca6o by maca6o 03 Jun 2021

stem voor J dank je allen

nunzia52 by nunzia52 03 Jun 2021

Thank you

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 03 Jun 2021

Thank you!!!

thedabbler by thedabbler 03 Jun 2021

Please vote for "Y", thank you.

markus by markus 03 Jun 2021

Thank you

TRAVERSY1950 by TRAVERSY1950 03 Jun 2021

SVP, votez pour le I i car je trouve cette petite maison très belle.

patmoss1 by patmoss1 03 Jun 2021

please vote foy U i will vote for yours as well

sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 03 Jun 2021

Please vote for M, I am voting for all others, thank you.

genin by genin 03 Jun 2021

Please, can you vote for letter F.

1penny by 1penny 03 May 2021

Thank you

embrockabees by embrockabees 02 May 2021


sewmadau by sewmadau 02 May 2021

Thank you

Cruelabel by Cruelabel 02 May 2021

muchas gracias

tjoriginals by tjoriginals 02 May 2021

shesewsall -- Maybe the rest of the alphabet letters, after H, have not been digitized yet. I'd not put them on a website if they were not ready to be purchased. Other sites do not put things on their sites for the same reason. Just a thought for you since you appear a bit frustrated. And- if the letters are gifted/voted on in order... we have a few days before the "I" would be next.

shesewsall by shesewsall 02 May 2021

Does this font only go through the letter H? I can't find the font on the site to bring the other letters up to be voted on. What a shame we can't have the entire alphabet to vote on so we can collect the whole thing.

Midnight1 by Midnight1 02 May 2021

Thank you

linwood by linwood 02 May 2021

thank you

nunzia52 by nunzia52 02 May 2021

Thank you

kokkieventer by kokkieventer 02 May 2021

Thank you.

justonlyme by justonlyme 02 May 2021

Thank you!!

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 02 May 2021

Many Thanks!!!

bregeon by bregeon 02 May 2021


EBD108 by EBD108 02 May 2021

Thank you!

markus by markus 02 May 2021

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ullis by ullis 02 May 2021

Thanks 😀😀

slovenka by slovenka 02 May 2021


maca6o by maca6o 02 May 2021

dank je wel

maca6o by maca6o 02 May 2021

dank je wel

maca6o by maca6o 02 May 2021

dank je wel

flordefuego926 by flordefuego926 02 May 2021

Wish we have had a few days between alphabets. Didn't get a chance to get my missing "M" in the Floral Easter Font. Please help me vote for it. Thank you. Maria Elena

maca6o by maca6o 02 May 2021

dank je wel

cj2sew by cj2sew 02 May 2021

Thank you

ElviraM by ElviraM 02 May 2021


tinfriend by tinfriend 28 Apr 2021

Thank you!