by basketkase 9d ago

Hi a client who is going diving off the keys and is bringing me 6 for each design....he wanted more realistic sharks and not the cutesy ones... he has seen these and loves them.....these are called Sharktastic #1-#6......they will be available individually or as a set tonight on my website.........


by sonjapotgieter 7d ago

So pretty!!!

by pennyhal2 8d ago

Yikes! They are scary!

by sebsews 9d ago

He will love them for sure! Very nice designs!

by 02kar Moderator 9d ago

He going to a great place to go diving. They are going to love his shirts with these sharks

by bemara 9d ago

I immediately thought of the movie the great white shark, they all turned out great - as always with you, hugs Maria

by cantab 9d ago

yes they look more mean lol