by pennifold 12d ago

Hi gals, today at 3.30 Easter Sunday Mum and I went to our local beach for the Baptism of one of our Parishioners Mel, her adopted Korean 2 year old boy and her natural son too. They were fully immersed in the ocean. The little fella cried, which was understandable, and so did the 4 year old, but only for a second. It must have been the shock of being submerged.

I made the family Tereza's praying hands and Mel (the mum) was thrilled. It has been wonderful watching her come to a greater understanding of what being a Christian is and I am so happy to have played a part in it. Love Chris


by peafarm 11d ago

These are beautiful and what a beautiful Easter passage for all. What Easter is all about. I am afraid I lost some of the believer's in my family so yesterday I made sure I had a framed verse propped in a chair so it wouldn't be missed to read.

by sonjapotgieter 11d ago

What a Beautiful Thought..Stunning work done!!!

by shirley124 11d ago

Perfect gifts. Hugs

by dragonflyer 11d ago

Your praying hands perfect...and a very special event on a very special day.... Happy Easter

by noah 11d ago

Awesome work Chris love them hugsxxxx

by bemara 12d ago

Happy Easter to you and the family! Nice praying hands, look very good, hugs Maria

by 02kar Moderator 12d ago

Oh, a baptism makes Easter even more special in my book What a wonderful day for you. I love the praying hands and they made a special gift for 3 very special people.

by jenne 12d ago

Good to hear people are still getting Baptized. The praying hand are so right for this.

by sdrise 12d ago

Congrats to all... Happy Easter to you and the family !! Nice praying hands I just love them!