by noah 17d ago

Working on being Kind today and you?Thanks for LQQKING!Noah

This was brought on by a lady in front of me yesterday at the grocery store who never had enough money to pay for a bottle of juice So++++++


by peafarm 13d ago

It always strikes me to help someone out who might be down on their luck, out of their jobs and need help in one way or another. I am so leary since there are all kinds of street corner people out in our main closest city. Most I know are wino's or drug users so I'd rather buy them a meal from McDonalds or a burger somewhere instead of money but very kind to help at grocery. I've had people let me go in front of them if I've only a few items and they have a cart full. I love your bee towel topper and this outline bee. Yes, BE KIND!!! My husband fusses because I let cars out in front of me---I always think, I am in no hurry to get nowhere.

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noah by noah 12d ago

At our age we got nothin but time .lol
But you know i always move fast that's just me .It's funny to hear John say when walking do u think u could slow down a bit .I try but soon i am going 90 miles an hour lol
You would think i would be thin but no luck .My slow thyoid thinks else. lol

by pennyhal2 15d ago

This project really wonderful! A good reminder for everyone as well as the perfect designs and stitchout.

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noah by noah 15d ago

Thanks 4 your kind words

by sebsews 15d ago

Kindness works many miracles! You are one that shows kindness in many ways. Nice towel! Thank you, Suzanna

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noah by noah 15d ago

Thanks Suzanna hugs

by pennifold 15d ago

That is so beautiful Carolyn. Sometimes I give the checkout lass some extra money and pay it forward to the next person. I had someone do it for me a few weeks ago and I have no idea who it was and for what reason, but the checkout lady said a person had said to give it to the next person. I love the idea. You have such a heart of gold, I do hope you can see the woman again. Love Chris

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noah by noah 15d ago

Me to thanks Chris hugs always xxx

by sewtired 16d ago

Love the design, love your kindness.

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noah by noah 15d ago

Thanks God Is Good!!!

by sonjapotgieter 16d ago

Beautiful and as you..Kind!!!

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noah by noah 16d ago

I try just as we all do right? hugsxx

by toogie 17d ago

Beautiful! The bee design work and you!

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noah by noah 16d ago

Thanks Toogie:):)

by dragonflyer 17d ago

Lovely towel and towel holder, beautiful gesture by you!

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noah by noah 17d ago

Ah ha Thanks many times over Kim lol hugsxxx

by worthy 17d ago

God Bless You.

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noah by noah 17d ago

Hre does daily hugsxx

by babash 17d ago

Beautiful design.
Need more kind people in this world like you.

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noah by noah 17d ago

i tried to find her when i was done but no luck:(:(

by asterixsew Moderator 17d ago

Love this one

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noah by noah 17d ago