by noah 17 Mar 2021

Anyone Standing with Me?


by hightechgrammy 29d ago

YES!!! I totally agree. Our Police and Firefighters and utility workers, dispatch - all the first responders saved not only our home, but lots of the neighborhood when the "odds" were way against them!

by pennyhal2 19 Mar 2021

What a wonderful message! It seems like those who protect us get a ton of criticism and not much support. Thanks for posting this.

by barba 18 Mar 2021

Absolutely!! I will always be there to support law enforcement. They put their lives on the line for us, the least we can do is be there for them if needed.

by babash 18 Mar 2021

Standing with you for sure.

by stillbehind 18 Mar 2021

I'm with you always!

by dragonflyer 18 Mar 2021

Amen to that! I stand with you and our police forces 100%, as well as, all first responders...

by AuntAnnie 18 Mar 2021

I stand. Sheriff deputies have parked in my driveway and given access to the property while tracking an individual. I offered a chair, but was turned down.

by dailylaundry 18 Mar 2021

Absolutely!! I stand with all our uniformed heroes!! They all have my respect and loyalty! Hugs, Laura

by 02kar Moderator 18 Mar 2021

I stand with our police, fire, rescue and my military family. And also with any and all utility people who come to restore out utilities after a natural disaster.

by maleah 18 Mar 2021

Very well said....Thank you

by mrskiki 18 Mar 2021

AMEN! We all need to stand united in this. Hugs. Nan

by marianb 18 Mar 2021


by pennifold 18 Mar 2021

I'm standing with you Carolyn. We need to respect all our law enforcement officers. Love Chris

by dollygk 18 Mar 2021

OH YES... standing with you!!

by jenne 17 Mar 2021

standing with you, you are needed, and respected.

noah by noah 17 Mar 2021

My youngest son is an Ontario Police Man and head of the Emergry Response Teem.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 29d ago

God bless him! And thank him from someone in Colorado who thinks he is. wonderful!

by loriziegler 17 Mar 2021

I am 1000% with you and them! We back the blue in my house! People do not realize anyone who runs towards danger instead of away from it are true HEROES! We NEED the Police! God Bless them and you!

noah by noah 17 Mar 2021

Thanks My sons a Police officer

loriziegler by loriziegler 18 Mar 2021

Please tell him thank you so much for his service! I will keep him in my prayers!