by dragonflyer ( edited 06 Mar 2021 ) 01 Mar 2021

So, who can say Roly Poly Stuffie Fun! This is the Chubby Chick and is one of the Easter Stuffies I will send my kiddles this year...These are amazing...done totally ITH with just a small opening to stitch after turning...the engineering on this design was somewhat mind boggling...there are two more Easter animals that I still need to do... I love this one and I can't wait to make the other two.. stay tuned! Thanks for looking, Cuties


by blueeyedblonde 03 Mar 2021

Great job Kim! They are adorable!

by peafarm 03 Mar 2021

These are so cute. I am in love with the big ears. Cuddle comes to my mind. They will love them.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 06 Mar 2021

Wings, Patti...wings... :)

sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 11 Mar 2021

Hahahaha, I thought they were ears too. Oh this is too funny and they are so darn cute.

by pennifold 02 Mar 2021

Wow! Kim, what a lot of work. I hope the great nieces enjoy them, love Chris

by dailylaundry 02 Mar 2021

Absolutely adorable!!! How many hoopings to make one? You are amazing!

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 06 Mar 2021

These took three each...

by asterixsew Moderator 02 Mar 2021

Lovely work and the individual touch of the name is a great finishing touch

by crazypatchmama 02 Mar 2021

Wow Kim, they are so cute. You are really so talented. If I make one for Nora, I would probably add again a bell inside :-))- Wish you sell your stuffies. Hugs, Mary

by brendalea 02 Mar 2021

Another adorable stuffie. You are so talented. Happy Stitching :-)

by sonjapotgieter 02 Mar 2021

So cute!!!Such Adorable toys!!!Stunning

by sharonleekesner 02 Mar 2021

So adorable and what little kiddie (or big one) wouldn't love to have this.?

by basketkase 02 Mar 2021

Kim, you have mastered the stuffies.....these are so adorable...great job!

by jerrib 02 Mar 2021

Love all of your stuffies...the face on these are so cute and good choice of fabric.
I bet all the kids will love them.

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Mar 2021

So So cute. The name embroidered on the behind made me laugh

by gwillmann 02 Mar 2021

These are so cute. I would love to make some. Where did you get the design?

sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 02 Mar 2021

She is a digitzer so she probably made the design herself. Mucho talent.

gwillmann by gwillmann 02 Mar 2021

Yes she is mucho talented, but her comment about the engineering coming from somewhere else made me think something was purchased from somewhere. I also digitize and am interested in the engineering.

by 02kar Moderator 02 Mar 2021

These 2 are adorable! I love to keep a few stuffies in case I run into a family with kids. They are always welcomed by the kids and parents.

by genin 02 Mar 2021

I like it ! What a beautiful work !

by mariagiannina 02 Mar 2021

These stuffies are so cute!! I've never made one, Love the striped ears!

by graceandham 01 Mar 2021

So cute. I did some kitten face stuffies similarly. Adults love them for bean bags. Kids love them for pocket pals, easy to take with, everywhere. My kittens love to bat them about as if playing hockey.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 02 Mar 2021

Nice...were they all done ITH or was some of it done on the sewing machine? The only other ones I have seen had to be finished on the sewing machine...these are the first ones I have done totally ITH...

by noah 01 Mar 2021

Wow you been at it again . You love these stuffie things . One day I might just have to sew one lol Do they hang on towels lol

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asterixsew by asterixsew 02 Mar 2021

Carolyn I am sure if you tried they could be hung from towels